Preview and Feedback [April 2012]


Broken In
The Swiss-army knife edition


Save, Protect, Recover & Enhance
Have you ever lost your mobile phone, accidentally deleted you vacation photographs from you camera's memory card, had a HDD crash, managed to get your PC and/or smartphone infected or you webaccounts hacked. This month's cover story which includes features, DIYs, Workshops and Tips & Tricks is designed to help you save, protect, enhance or recover nearly everything

The zen way of HTML5 coding

Tips & Tricks
Security plugins for your browser
Remotely wipe your mobile device data
Lock your PC using a USB drive
(and more...)

Bazaar Tested
Sony PS Vita
Zotac GTX 680
LG Optimus Sol
Amazon Kindle Fire
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus
Fujifilm F500EXR digital camera

Comparison Tests
Blue-Ray Players
Security Suites

Agent 001

Game Reviews
Mass Effect 3
Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning

Fast Track to Virtualization


Chapter highlights
What is Virtualization?
Virtualization in the real world
Virtualization software – Features to look for
The best software available
Qemu / KVM
Virtual Machines – Utilizing your desktop for more
When Virtual Machines are not a solution to everything

DVD Contents


Alpha DVD
Backtrack 5 R2 Gnome x64 DVD & System Rescue Disc
IDEs for all major languages + Manuals, References and Videos
1 GB+ Essential Software and Drivers
Game Demos: Rayman Origins, Starfarer, New Yankee in King Arthur's Court, Vampire Saga : Break Out


Omega DVD
100+ Articles, Videos and Software to save, protect, recover and enhance your data and skills
Best of TED2012
Visual Studio 11 Beta
WinPen Pack Essentials (Portable apps collection)
Full Games: Dungeon Chaos, Gravity Bone, Grey and Green, Lumber Jack, Pino's Tower, Retroblazer, Soldat & Space Quest II

DVD Manifests

Alpha DVD Manifest
Omega DVD Manifest
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Yaaaahooooo.... Finally I think Digit fulfills every demand of the user, having asked for penetration testing got Backtrack 5 r2
Asked for virualization got a whole fasttrack will surely buy this now. As of now have collected enough that I can purchase Rs.200 mag too. Finally I think this is a worth content for what I had been asking for about two months from now.... Yes, Yes, Yes.. Yes. Exited to get my hands on magazine will surely write a review then.

Regarding DVDs i think a worth content for any developer is given... In all a great coverstory for data recovery. Thank you team digit..:)


Broken In
Very Thanks for Visual studio,NETBeans IDE and backtrack5R2. :)

Just sad for not including Metaspoilt securitytube free video collection package. :-(
Can u add this in may issue??As many of my friends and student in my institute need this as reference video!
Again Thanks for completing my 3 request JINNY.


Gaming hardcore
eagerly waiting for the issues. Nice to know that you guys included review of nvidia gtx 680 which was launched few days back, also thank you guys that you included DIYs......

But i was also looking for Windows 8 CP which you guys didn't included... :(


Wise Old Owl
Thanks for Latest Graphics and Audio Drivers & Free File recovery tools.

Missed - Windows 8 related stuff


In the zone
We did want to carry the Windows 8 CP, unfortunately it is not free to distribute :-( and we did not get permission to bundle it with our DVD. Sorry guys. We're still trying to get it though so keep your fingers crossed. :D


Received It today! :D
First time before the due date! Your service has improved greatly.
Will post feedback after reading.


Lots of useful contents.

One thing I would like to know. Which software do you use for authoring your DVDs supplied with the mag? If the question is not appropriate for this thread kindly tranfer it to other thread where I can get the answer.

Anyway, thanks for recovery tools in the April issue.


I have read about half the magazine. I have regained the faith in you to provide good content in your mag. Though i think it is a bit more targeted towards beginners. Most of things you say are like what everybody knows but its OK considering the fact there are many beginners. Overall i am satisfied.
Few months back you did a AV comparison. I didn't like it but i don't remember the reasons.This months test seem to be more compressive. Though you missed the false positive part. I would also wanted you to compare NIS rather than 360.
Your DVD content seems better. Thanx for Backtrack and the essential softwares.


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Staff member
great issue ... looking forward to the Motherboards, Security Suites Comparison Tests and FT to Virtualization ;-)


yes this month issue is really good, looking forward to buy it.

contents of mags and dvd's are really good
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