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  1. T

    Please suggest me a Suitable RAM.

    It's my brother's birthday next month. He is an avid gamer and keeps complaining of his slow system. I am planning to give him something which will enhance his gaming experience. Planning to give him a Kingston HyperX Fury RAM. If you have any better suggestions, then please share.
  2. G

    Gunnar Gaming glasses

    During my web research i found an interesting gaming gear called Gunnar gaming glasses. They claim to reduce eye strain and enhance visual performance. I am a DOTA2 player and spend hours playing games. Now, my question is it might reduce eye strain, but how can it enhance performance?? Any body...
  3. foxymoron

    Preview and Feedback [April 2012]

    The Swiss-army knife edition Save, Protect, Recover & Enhance Have you ever lost your mobile phone, accidentally deleted you vacation photographs from you camera's memory card, had a HDD crash, managed to get your PC and/or smartphone infected or you webaccounts hacked. This month's cover...
  4. R

    Which Course will enhance my career

    I am working for HDFC Bank as a Cashier and have an experience of 4 years, can anybody tell me which course will enhance my career growth and I cant attend regular classes
  5. NewsBytes

    Govt to roll out 3G guidelines in June 2008

    The much awaited 3G guidelines will be released by the month of June 2008 to lay out the UPA government vision to enhance mobile phone standards for 100 percent tele-density and extension of broadband facilities The much awaited 3G guidelines will finally see the light of the day as the...
  6. R

    Video Editing Softwares

    hi frnds, I have an old video infact very old its of 89 but its very important to me. now the probe is its quality is very poo, u know that time used cameras. i want to somehow enhance its quality & make it sharper & brighter....some other changes too like removing dark areas... Do any...
  7. R

    [solved] How to take kool pics with a webcam?

    hey i have a intel cs110 webcam and want to take kool photos of mself and enhance them ...plz tell me some gud software that can take the pictures and tell me how to enhance them with corel 11 or any place online where i can send them and then they will enhace it for me free or cost
  8. go4saket

    Does a Graphics Card helps in video editing/mixing???

    Hello Friends! Wish you all a Very Happy Diwali! I am using a P4 2.8 GHz. with a original Intel 865GBF Motherboard which has a integrated Graphics card. My machine also has a AGP slot to add an optional video card. As I have to do some video mixing/editing and then later on convert the final...
  9. anandk

    check out Game XP.

    hi ! i am no gaming expert or addict, but i just came across this nifty utility, called Game XP, which claims to optimize your pc to enhance your gaming experience. maybe some of u know it, maybe, some of u dont ! 8) check it out at http://www.snapfiles.com/reviews/Game_XP/gamexp.html
  10. lahratla

    Very slow gaming

    I have a 2-years-old Cyrix III MHz CPU with 256MB SD RAM, 40GB HD using WinXP. Earlier, I could play games like Project IGI smoothly. But now, even simple games like Hangaroo etc. becomes slow and sticky. How do I enhance the graphic performance and increase the frame rate? Please help but do...
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