1. Ironman

    Does Seagate REPAIR not Recover its Own Hard Disks in India ?

    I always used Seagate and WDs My Seagate Failure Rate is far more than WDs But i never could find ANY Email of Seagate Support Team. Not even a Working Phone Number to talk to them . My Question : Does Seagate REPAIR HDDs ? (Not Recover ) If you say that Repaired HDD dont last long...
  2. meetdilip

    Can EasyBCD recover Ubuntu after installing Windows 10

    I am planning to install Windows 10 alongside Ubuntu. Is it possible to use EasyBCD and recover Ubuntu installation ? EasyBCD site says it is Windows 10 and UEFI ready.
  3. meetdilip

    Data recovery from microSD card

    Can Recuva recover from microSD card ? If not, any other tools available ? Free if possible.
  4. nac

    Need to recover corrupted files - Help

    Long story short - Files I have created, modified on my last use (of PC) have gone corrupted. I have back up, but they are 2 months old. I spend a lot of time to rebuild some of the things I lost and some are not that important so I didn't bother get them back. I thought it's over, but now I see...
  5. abhigeek

    Need to recover pics from moto g2 [unrooted].

    I'm totally ****ed up. Accidentally I have deleted my (priceless) pics folder from my phone memory of Moto G2. All methods I could find on internet to recover files from phone memory require root access. But mine isn't rooted. To root moto g2 first I have to unlock bootloader, this will wipe...
  6. jatt

    Can I recover data from a Mac hard drive using a PC

    Hi frnds, I want to copy data from a Macbook hdd,and my Macbook is not turning on but hdd is in good condition so i want to recover hdd whole stuff to my win 7 computer.How can i do that? Is there any software by which's help i can see my Macbooks HDD into my windows 7 PC.Please guide...
  7. S

    hdd data recovery

    I have WD 320 GB hard disk .It is corrupted and is not seen in system.How can i recover its data.please tell.I live in mumbai.So where to recover the data and how much will be the cost for recovering. Please help
  8. S

    Recovering file types having custom extensions

    hi can anyone suggest me a software to recover my deleted files from my sdcard having extensions like ".a", ".tar", ".obb" I accidentally deleted them and now i want to recover them back so can anyone suggest a software to recover them without any error Pls reply
  9. M

    Hard disk wiped help needed

    Today my hard disk is wiped accidently by me is that any way to recover my drive partitions.
  10. S

    recover deleted contacts from nokia c2-00 phone memory

    Hi, I am using Nokia c2-00.I do not have backup of contacts. The phone restarted suddenly and only contacts in phone memory were deleted.All applications in phone memory were not deleted. I can see messages in inbox. Is there any way to recover these lost contacts? Is there any...
  11. ajayritik

    Best software to recover deleted files

    I recently deleted some back up of my mobile which includes some important videos and Photos. Is there any reliable software which can help me recover this?
  12. J

    Tools to recover data from encrypted hard disk

    My laptop is crashed and hard disk is showing BSOD error when connected to different laptop. I am unable to repair since it is encrypted with Mcafee endpoint encryption software. I badly need to recover the data from the encrypted hard disk since there is no backup. Please help me how to...
  13. R

    How to recover my lost files of Outlook?

    Hi friends, i need good recovery software to easily get back lost files of Outlook. Is there any way to recover lost files of Outlook then plz share your views....
  14. M

    windows licence export/import to a new machine/laptop

    dear all, I was using an hp laptop with duly licensed windows 7. however,the note book crashed due to many problems including the hard disk failure. I have now bought a new toshiba laptop with no OS licensed. how do I recover my licensed os from my hp laptop,which cannot be used...
  15. Shah

    Need suggestion for a good Recovery Software

    My external HDD stopped working all of a sudden. Whenever I plug it in to my computer, It shows "Unreadable or Corrupted". I know formatting the HDD will make it usable again. But, I need to recover the data in it. I don't care if I can't recover the Music and Video files. But, I DO want to...
  16. Ashok Verma

    Very Urgent help Needed!!

    Kindly Help to recover my very important office data files in .xls and .doc format. Actually, my office pc which is an HP Compaq 8100 Elite PC. on which i accidently run windows recovery. i kept all my data backup in a seprate partion, but after recovery the partion got merged back to the...
  17. criztle

    Remotely Switch on a Android device after it has been stolen?

    Hi, my mobile has been stolen yesterday, for the police to trace it, it needs to be switched on. So my question is Is the anyway to remotely Switch ON the android device? and how I had installed AVG mobile security on it. can any help please help me out :(
  18. sam9953

    How to recover data from undetected HDD?

    Okay so a week back my Seagate FreeAgent Go (500 GB) HDD fell of my table and since then my laptop has not been able to open the HDD and each time I try to open it in "My Computer" , the HDD hangs my laptop. The HDD keeps making screeching loud noises which it never did before it fell of the...
  19. N

    how to recover lost password from microSD card in mobile ?

    does any one of you know how to recover lost password from micro-SD card ? its password was set form Nokia 2690 mobile , it fell in water and after i got it repaired i couldn't access the card . any help ? sorry if i posted in wrong section .
  20. P

    Recover files

    I was browsing(on Windows 7) my camera's SDHC card, through a card reader, when suddenly the machine freezed, and the Windows Photo Viewer was not responding. So, I took out the card reader forcibly, and then the machine was fine. Only, this time when I insert the card reader along with the SDHC...
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