Power supply blacklist thread for newbies


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i can confirm.. my CX430V2 runs for 15-16hrs normally/gaming. did video encoding [full load on CPU] for 12hrs straight. no problem so far. i guess those guys were just unlucky.
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amruth kiran

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hey guys will the corsair cx430 v2 430 w be enough for this setup?---intel i5 3470,msi zhzza-g41 mobo, and a 7870?
if not suggest a psu within 3 k please??


nope, but there are sellers on ebay at a very competitive price tag..
I did research a bit and i found out the oem of the gigabyte powerock series is CWT which is the oem for corsair as well... but im still not convinced :/


are you saying Gigabyte's after sales service sucks ? exclude the fact whether or not there is service center near your location..Recently all i see people are always suggesting corsair.. i just want to verify whether this would really give it a competition or not:)
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