Post your Speedtest results


Apr 2, 2008
Right now considering their plan speeds in Bangalore, that will be an useless move. I had their 100Mbps 450GB FUP plan for 1.3k because I needed 450GB, not because of 100Mbps. I continuously hit 450GB FUP for 2 months, so moved to airtel UL.

Airtel's copper connection is the best copper connection I used till date, but sometimes the slow UL speeds annoy me. Pings in-game (R6) are just ~5ms higher than my ACT. They told me that fibre will be here in 2-3 months, I will surely look for other options when my 3 months are over. Excitel might have coverage in my area, heard they are good as well.

Even if ACT provides something like 50Mbps 1TB FUP for ₹600, I might jump back to it. In the last 30 days, I have used 600-700GB on my airtel BB.
Switching from excitel to ACT because excitel giving me stability issue while work or gaming.