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hey photon guy , congrats. :-D now tell something, what time it says when u ping yahoo.com server?
u tried playing any FPS online ? any good ?:)

Pinged yahoo servers..when did I do that..??

Not tried, online FPS yet..will do so..!

nice speed but isnt' there any unlimited data plan?

They do not have an unlimited as yet.


or You can try this:


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Speeds are good and fast. Though 15GB is the limit. They do not have unlimited as of now. Hope that comes soon. Cause I almost download 22GB+ each month...!

Photon is available for corporate employees at a discounted price 2600 in my location. however I still feel BSNL a bit better just bcoz of the unlimited plan and that too for 500 only.


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Thanks for the info, but a quick trip to wikipedia followed by some googling gives me my answer in less than 15mins, got a DVI-D->>DVI-D for 500/- from MD, the cable's a generic chinese one, but doing the job, somehow using the DVI increased the brightness, weird.

good for u ! whats MD ?
Yea... Atleast in my monitor it was flickering at 1680x1050(max possible) at 60Hz VGA
But when I switched to DVI-D cable, it stopped so.. and to my surprise the max resolution when to FULL HD 1920x1080 1080p ... can u imagine? darn I need an 30' http://www.dell.com/us/en/home/monitors/monitor_3007wfp/pd.aspx?refid=monitor_3007wfp&cs=19&s=dhs hope to get it soon


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Brought WD My Book 1TB for my friend. Paid Rs 5300 including INR. Actual price he told was 5250.
Place : Pragathi Computers, SP Road, Bangalore.

Also enquired the following:
Seagate 1TB External : Rs 5050
WD Passport 500GB : Rs5150
Zotac GTX 260 : Rs10990
8GB Pen Drive : Rs750
Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 (3 User License) : Rs650

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A friend purchased;
Samsung E1410 for Rs.2900 which came with a 1GB micro SD card.
Data Cable for Samsung E1410 for Rs.80


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Got this for one of my friends:

Intel E7500 @ Rs. 5800
Logitech MM Keyboard+Optical Mouse @ Rs. 680
ASUS P5QL-CM MoBo @ Rs.4050
Transcend DDR II 800 2 GB RAM @ Rs. 1300
D-Link Wireless Router @ Rs.2000
D-Link PCI Wireless Adapter G Series @ Rs.950
Seagate 250 GB SATA @ Rs.2050
Iball Mini Cabinet with 450W SMPS @ Rs.1450
Posted again:
Bought this from Delta Peripherals @ Rs. 800 for mounting my 2.5" SSD


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