Post your games high scores here


I am the master of my Fate.
Hi Guys,:mrgreen:

all mobile games users can post high scores here.
lets see who is highest scorer in TDF

post in this format.

[Game Name] (OS)
HS: [value]

Subway Surfers (Android)
HS: 10,000

and there are rules for this (read below)
1.u can only post high scores (no coins,extras nothing else,unlocks etc)
2.cannot post hacked/cracked scores (be honest while posting scores)
3.should be scored by u only (not on behalf of others)
4.only mobile games are allowed (iOS,Android,Blackberry,Windows etc)

Lets Begin...


Sith Lord
Staff member

Rooftop Escape - 50051
Robot Unicorn Attack - 58250
Minigore - 5185 kills
I Dig It - 210990
Canabalt - 7044 m

Agent Dash High Score - 286885
Agent Dash Farthest Run - 7816 m

* * *
Forever Drive
overtake combo - 58
pohl - 33539
automo - 34227
gibson - 47384
PKD - 58762
moebius - 171347
* * *

Movie Cat (Easy) - 20230

Orbital (Supernova) - 1703 (243 Rank)

and Engineer deaths in Star Legends (it's the healer/support class), no 5 (last) on the leaderboards :facepalm: - 12345 deaths (plz not to break this one)


Sith Lord
Staff member
OS matters? As long as no IAP crackers its cool
Mostly iOS 4.2 though, skipped plague inc (unlocked neurax and necroa) and super hexagon scores

Draw Something - 252 not out


Professional Newbie
Temple Run (Android) -

HS: 5,840,441
Longest Run: 21,232 m

Subway Surfers (iOS)

HS: 5348790

Jaskanwar Singh

Aspiring Novelist
how come this HS is lakhs? r u using some bonus items?
:banghead: I can't even beat my own HS....the character runs sooo fast (can't control)

Subway Surfers (iOS)

HS: 5348790

Subway surfer: 1525520

and zangetsu u were saying something about my score :D :D

u have couple of items like, u have keys which give another chance. u have hoverboards which prevent crashing.
although they will be of no use unless u get used to fast pace of the game. u will keep on crashing otherwise.

Ninjump deluxe (android)

HS - 6237


Lost in speed
No WP gamers here? :|
Let me start..

- Jetpack joyride (WP8) 12701 coins (game's equivalent of score)


Aspiring Novelist
Brain juice- nokia s40/s60
HS:Arithmetics-294.11 BW
It is a great game and play it if you have a nokia phone and try to beat me ;-)
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