1. swiftshashi

    My Samsung 840 EVO 250GB is behaving exceptionally fast...SOmething's wrong??

    Guys,my 250GB SSD has become exceptionally quick after a firmware upgrade....I mean the guys at this siteSamsung 840 Pro SSD review - SSD Performance AS SSD Benchmark have tested a 840PRO and my 840 EVO is posting DOUBLE SCORES How is this possible?? SO now my SSD becomes the fastest on this...
  2. Zangetsu

    Post your games high scores here

    Hi Guys,:mrgreen: all mobile games users can post high scores here. lets see who is highest scorer in TDF post in this format. [Game Name] (OS) HS: [value] e.g: Subway Surfers (Android) HS: 10,000 and there are rules for this (read below) 1.u can only post high scores (no coins,extras...
  3. theserpent

    Galaxy S4 Mini Leaked Info

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini benchmark results spotted online - Mobile Phone | News | ThinkDigit But sadly they wont release it in india :( ?
  4. 6Diablo9

    Are 3D Mark 06' scores to be trusted?

    My friend bought new PC some months ago. He uses it mainly for gaming and movies, he's bought a i3 2100 and Nvidia Geforce 8400GS (didn't ask me before buying). So I decided to show him how his computer sucked big time in gaming and we ran 3D Mark 06' on his PC and the score came 1761. My (4yr...
  5. Jaskanwar Singh

    Post Your Cinebench Scores Here

    0AsRVOTWPtiv1dDdvT0tmQUpXZXR3RTdnajR6MUgtX0E Aloha Fellow Overclockers! Show off your CPU OC skills and post the Cinebench scores here. Download Cinebench from here - CineBENCH 11.5 download from Download CPU-Z from here - CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting...
  6. G

    6850 or 6870 ?

    Hi I am confused weather to go for HD 6850 or 6870.. I have seen Passmark benchmarks.Both card have relatively same scores. And one more Question hows is ASUS 6870 DirectCU Thanks
  7. thebanik

    i7 980X + EVGA Classified + MSI GTX 480 under LN2

    Looks like this would be my first post in here, :razz: So another day, another grinding session, another session of torture on the 980X which resulted in almost all major Indian scores being toppled(not much since only a few play with LN2 here, and previously as well those scores were mine...
  8. jxcess3891

    Indian cricket team manages yet another run fest

    Lately, it has been seen that certain key indian players who are close to retirement have been able to make gigantic scores even though they have failed to perform as a team. First it was the pathetic performance in the T20 & ICC events then the disgraceful loss to Australia's second rung team...
  9. soumya

    Multitask game.

    Post your highest scores! :) I have just about managed to get to 59 :(
  10. iinfi

    validity of GRE n IELTS

    can some one plz let me know for how long GRE and IELTS scores are valid?
  11. CadCrazy

    Survey - Apple Customers Are Most Satisfied with Their Choice

    Apple has the highest score ever recorded in the American Customer Satisfaction Index. The company now ranks first in customer satisfaction among PC manufacturers for the fifth year in a row, being followed by runner-up Dell, the only computer company (besides Apple) to record an increase in...
  12. Dipen01

    How about 10-10 ?

    These days lots of 20-20 is being played in IPL so i even kinda got the urge to hit some sixes in 10-10 :ashamed: So Brian Lara 2007 :p I chose England and played agains West Indies and Difficulty was County i.e maximum :D Here are the scores :- 1st Innings :- 2nd Innings...
  13. The_Devil_Himself

    Super Pi calculator\benchmark.

    Take at look at this small program(just 61kb). This will give an accurate estimation of your chipset and processor performance.Post your scores for Pi calculations upto 1m. Mine:31 seconds.
  14. The_Devil_Himself

    Find and share your IQ scores!!

    The link is: They have 2 different tests so give them both and then post both the scores separetely. The 2 tests are: (1.)ecma (2.)ta3 Be sure to post your results under these two categories separetly. AND I HOPE THAT YOU WILL POST YOUR FIRST TIME SCORE...
  15. ssk_the_gr8

    post ur benchmarx scores here!

    its just for fun guys download benchmarx 4.1 from here(only 669 kb) post ur processor ,video, memory& hard disk benchmark scores it would just tell us abt the pcs DIGITians use it will also tell u abt ur pc (its like reviewing ur own pc)...
  16. A

    3dmark scores for

    hey....first lemme give my config... asus k8n mobo 1gb ram amd 64bit 2800+ evga 6800gs 256mb i ran 3dmark05 on ma system and here r the scores..... i ran all the tests..... without anisotropic filtering and without antialising.... : 4788 without anisotropic filtering and with...
  17. sagar_coolx

    poor ram performance.

    hey guyz,my config: athlon 64 3200+ on asus a8ne, nvidia 6600 gfx, segate 160 gb sata, 2*512 mb ddr 400 transcend ram.@2.5-3-3-8 cr2 bu even then,in everest 2006 i get the foll scores: mem read-around 5100 mem write-aroud 1600 mem latency-around 55ns on 1st try and 34 ns on second. but...
  18. Apollo

    The Battle for Middle-earth II

    Just went ahead and purchased the game after having a go at the demo included in this month's(May) Digit DVD. The Collector's Edition is prized at Rs. 1,299/- at least in Mumbai(dunno about anywhere else) and the bonus DVD included in it mainly focuses on interviews through the various segments...
  19. Kniwor

    Post ur scores...

    Post ur scores.... Aquamark, 3dmark06, super pi 1M, and ur overclock.......... DO NOT post ur score without a screenshot or link........ just putting numbers is not appreciated... Here's mine.... Aquamark 3 ::: 67650 :::
  20. Dipen01

    Software for Scores

    Hi... i was wondering if theres any software which we shows Cricket Match Scores online... I know we hav many sites showin it..but i need software. I knew it long time back but 4got now... Any ideas..?? Regards, Dipen
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