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Hi all!

I would like to buy a good surge protector which has atleast 5 sockets and can receive UK and India style plugs. My budget is 800 to 1000 rupees. I would like it to be very fast reacting so that it is actually effective in protecting my computer.

Can you please recommend some as I have never bought one?

Thanks! :)


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Thanks! How do I know which one's better at protecting from surges?

If you go by specs then Belkin but if you need those extra two USb ports then APC. Quality wise both are good company but I would vote for Belkin only ;)


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Just look at the specs on the product pages. Moreover I've been a belkin user for a long time and personally believe build quality and component quality of belkin is better than APC.

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People recommending Belkin are long time users. I've been using three Belkin units- 2x 4 socket units and 1x older 8 socket units with cable and telephone protection jacks. I do wish these have individual power sockets and surge protection for ethernet and USB charging. Belkin needs to keep up with the times. You also get surge protectors in India made by GM and Phillips.

You can try checking for reviews. There's power strip and then there's a surge protector. Good surge protectors generally should last very long. Some surge protectors protect only 1-2 sockets out of others which are power strips. Note that surge protectors won't protect connected devices from lightning.
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