1. shreeux

    Best Spike/Surge Protector?

    Recently my local surge Protector shows indication of "Neutral open". I need to check all junction box with an electrician. Before that, I need buy for Branded Spike/Surge Protector. Now confuse to buy with Indicator or without Indicator. Pls Suggest. Budget 1.5...If good will extend.
  2. J

    Oneplus 3 Screen protector and Case

    Hello, My Sister in law just bought Oneplus 3 but the stock screen protector is not that good, it gets smudgy a lot with finger prints easily. So I need good quality Screen protector/Tempered glass which must be well smudge proof atleast. And please suggest some case to protect the camera...
  3. N

    [For Sale] First time in India - Lamptron Slot protector kit - UV Reactive - Green

    Lamptron Slot protector kit - UV Reactive - Green 3 units Available Price - INR 350 per ONE item (Shipping free) Protect your RAM slots from dust Decorate your motherboard with UV reactive protectors First time in India directly from USA Contents RAM Slot protector x 3pcs PCI Slot...
  4. I

    Please recommend surge protector

    Hi all! I would like to buy a good surge protector which has atleast 5 sockets and can receive UK and India style plugs. My budget is 800 to 1000 rupees. I would like it to be very fast reacting so that it is actually effective in protecting my computer. Can you please recommend some as I...
  5. R

    Power Strip/Surge Protector vs UPS

    Hi, i have a seasonic S12ii 620W PSU. i want to know if frequent (2-3 times a day) power outages damage hardware and if i really need a UPS as i am not really concerned with data loss and only want to protect my hardware or can i use some inexpensive Power Strip/Surge Protector instead. I...
  6. Nerevarine

    Tempered glass screen protector

    They any good ? Here's a link : FOR LG Goole Nexus 5 0 26mm Tempered Glass Screen Guard Scratch Protector | eBay - - - Updated - - - BUMPITY ? no replies ?
  7. TechnoBOY

    screen protector Yes or No

    screen protector Yes or No
  8. R

    Best cases for Nexus 5 available in the market

    Hi all, Can someone provide me the options for a protective cover on my Nexus 5? I am currently using the gadget shieldz full body protection (currently installed only the back cover protector) as all i need is a scratch free back cover. I am not so known or prone to dropping my phone...
  9. D

    Do we need cases and protectors?

    I am using galaxy s4 for 7 months. I dont use any covers, cases as i think it messes with the look of the phone and makes it look bulky. But regarding screen protector i keep changing it every 2 months. So does gorilla glass need screen protector? Is it prone to scratches? Also i have seen...
  10. SaiyanGoku

    Accessories for LG Optimus G E970

    Please suggest which of these to buy for my new LG Optimus G E970. Screen Protector: TPU Case: Any other recommendation?
  11. mandarpalshikar

    SMPS doesn't power on when connected directly to UPS but does with Surge Protector in between

    I have a APC Back-UPS RS 1500 and Corsair AX850 in my rig. Yesterday I noticed that when I connected the power supply cable directly to UPS, it doesn't power on. But when I connect a Belkin Surge Protector to UPS and then connect SMPS cable to surge protector, it does start. Why would this be...
  12. S

    what other Accessories should i buy for My Nikon D5100

    Hi Everyone here, Got Nikon D5100 this week, now i want to know what other Accessories should i buy other than tripod and Lens to protect my D5100. Like whether i go for this And what about this one Is this of any use?? Thanks:razz:
  13. saswat23

    Will this serve as a good Surge Protector?

    Voltage in my area is getting very low these days. And my UPS is unable to run on such low voltage. But if I switch on the PC through the mains, it works fine no matter how low the voltage is. The problem I am facing here is, sometimes my PC switches off automatically and upon restarting, it...
  14. Ronnie11

    Surge protector required for a budget of 850/-

    Hey guys, i need a good branded surge budget is about 850 or so...need one with 6 connections max...need one which is reliable & last for a long time..pls help...btw i do not own a UPS of any kind...i have just run out of points to fit these additional plugs
  15. sanny16

    does spike guard or spike protector really protect the appliances

    can they protect the laptop and other appliances from high voltage fluctuation? If yes which are the best protector available in the market. I want to know how it works. Should i install spike guard for every electronic appliances?
  16. DevilGamer

    PSP3004 up for sale

    1. PSP 3004PB 2. Date of Purchase: 23/09/2009 3. Reason For Sale: Need Financial help for my bike riding gear. 4. Expected Price: Rs6000/- 5. Location of the seller: Lucknow, Utter Pradesh. 6. Purchase Invoice Available: Yes 7. Product Condition: mint 8. Payment Options: Cash, Bank...
  17. S

    Low voltage issues

    Hi guys, I am facing a different sort of problem. I have recently changed my place to bangalore. Mostly in evening from 6.30 pm to 10.30pm in my area voltages are too low resulting in beeping( basically crying) of my UPS ... so i have to shut down my system till some fair voltage appears.... its...
  18. D

    How to apply screen protector on google nexus 7?

    Hi, I bought the new the amzer google nexus 7 screen protector for Rs 600 and when my nexus arrived I tried to apply the protector. Firstly I had to mess with alignment and then once I aligned propely and applied . bam!!, I see 50+ bubbles on screen. Trying again and again I ended up with...
  19. N

    Help required in buying a 16gb microsd card for Xperia Sola

    Hi friends, My cousin has bought Sony xperia sola mobile on his birthday last week and now he wants a 16gb microsd card for his mobile.I wonder why he wants a card as sola has interanal memory of 8gb.but he says his music and video collection is very large and he wants to do video...
  20. M

    Suggestion for Surge protector

    My 2 year old Belkin surge protector is not working properly.So i want to buy a new one.Please suggest a good surge protector.Is there any other good brand for surge protector? If this is not correct section for this question please move it to correct one..
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