1. M

    Best SSD under 10,000 Rs?

    Please recommend me some ssd under 10k Rs.
  2. G

    Please recommend Good Exercise Biker?

    Hello, to all of you. I am searching some good Exercise Biker.My budget is limited to Rs.5000, Please recommend some good one either online or offline, also please tell what to look for in the biker?Thank You. Regards, GEEK_LEARNS
  3. K

    AV receiver under 5k

    Guys, please suggest good av receiver under 5k. I want to connect my 5.1 to my led tv. Please don't recommend me yamaha ht as its out of my budget. Thanks!
  4. Ronnie11

    Suggest a new PSU

    Hello guys, So my Corsair PSU VX 550 has started giving problems and it has passed its warranty of 5 years. The fan is making a lot of noise starting and shutting down and the pc when switched on, the psu keeps switching on and off untill eventually working. I am worried that this PSU will...
  5. K

    Help me buy a new monitor

    Guys, I need a monitor for my gaming build. This will be used for gaming and wathcing movies. So, I would like you to recommend me IPS panels. Monitor should be 27", 1440p and should have a displayport. Please reply. I need to get it within the next 2 days or so.
  6. Uchihamadara

    help needed ,suggest a hdd ,ram, thermal paste

    Hello everyone, I need a replacement hdd 1 tb 5400rpm for mylaptop that is hp dv6 6165tx please recommend one which would be compatible and i dont want to purchase a shdd becasue of low budget also i require a 8 gb ddr3 1333mhz ram,original hp one doesnt work anymore , i already have one...
  7. G

    Sound Editing Software?

    Hello, to all of you. I am searching some good Sound Editing Software with nice feature and advanced features, Please recommend some software.Hope to see reply soon. Thank You. Regards, GEEKCOMPUTER_GEEK
  8. pratik385

    Dell XPS 15 L502x - Suggest new battery

    Hello all, Ive a 4 year old XPS 15 L502x and its battery needs replacement. So could you please recommend few options? and where i can get it. Thanks!!
  9. T

    Recommend upgrade to get maximum juice / value from my AMD system

    Please recommend Possible upgrades to get maximum juice of this system. purchase in USA (only via online and can't do in-store purchase) within next 2 days and bring it back to India Purpose: Will be running 2-3 OS in VMWARE workstation, Cisco UCS Simulator, GNS3 software ( not simultaneously...
  10. T

    Need a Modem+Router for 2 bedroom flat

    Hi guys, I need a wifi network at home, will have to purchase a wifi modem+router. Please recommend.
  11. 2kool2btrue

    5.1 speakers under 10k

    Hi.. A friend of mine is looking to buy 5.1 speakers for his medium sized hall.. Would like to, quote, "shake the room". His budget is 10k. Right now have the Logitech Z506 in consideration. What do you guys recommend? Will only be used for music so not sure if 5.1 is the way to go too...
  12. I

    Please recommend surge protector

    Hi all! I would like to buy a good surge protector which has atleast 5 sockets and can receive UK and India style plugs. My budget is 800 to 1000 rupees. I would like it to be very fast reacting so that it is actually effective in protecting my computer. Can you please recommend some as I...
  13. A

    PSU for HD6870? Need suggestions.

    Guys, my silverstone 500W PSU has gone kaput. Need to buy a new one for around 3k. Was thinking of buying this one Buy Online Antec VP500PC 500W Power Supply in India cost is 2.5k. How is this PSU? Would you recommend any other PSU(better?) in this price range? PC config is in the...
  14. V

    LG G3 vs Xperia Z3 vs HTC One E9+

    Mobile under 30k Budget : 30k (32k max) Display: Not more than 5.5 inch Dual Sim : Not Necessary Operating System: Android Primary use of hansdet: FB,Whatsapp,Camera,Gaming,Media Specific mobiles in consideration : HTC One E9+ , Xperia Z3 , LG G3, One plus Two (ready to wait until its launch)
  15. isenberg

    How to increase my knowledge about computers

    Hi, I have just taken admission into engineering college.... but there's nothing much interesting in the cse syllabus... what I want to know is how do I increase my REAL computer knowledge... like how do I know about how websites work, how do I learn about programming, how do I learn about dbms...
  16. C

    Recommend some games

    I currently have a lenovo y50 laptop and I am sort of new to PC gaming.I am playing watch dogs,mafia 2,saints row 3&4 atm.Can you recommend me some games.I like city building games, AOE like games(played stronghold, rise of nations), horror(metro 2033?),COD,BF etc.But the important thing is it...
  17. vedula.k95

    CS :GO ping Stability

    Hey guys i am in college so to play CS:GO i have only wireless media ie:shitty 3G services,so my circle involves Rel 3G,Vodafone, Aircel.i usually get ping spikes,i know wireless is not recommend for online gaming but still is there any way or fix for this problem?
  18. R

    Which Sapphire Graphics card to buy ?

    Hey guys , I want to add graphics card to my below config so I can play all the latest FPS at maxed out settings. Please recommend . I have shortlisted Sapphire R9 290 Tri-X OC version. Budget is 30K. 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to...
  19. T

    Recommend me the best dirt cheap earphones

    I am on the lookout for some really dirt cheap earphones (preferably IEMs or the normal kind) Wanna buy a pair for my mom (back up earphones) Budget: Rs.100-200 USE: Bollywood music, Movies Emphasis on : Lyrics no noticeable distortion shouldn't be painful to wear not too...
  20. C

    Good GPU under 3200INR

    I want to buy good mid budget GPU. Can you recommend some? Currently i have chosen this GPU. Nividia GT 610 My Spec: 4GB RAM. (Planned to Upgrade to 8GB) Intel i5 - Quad Core.
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