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If OP doesn't require SATA III and usb3.0 then A10-5800k is a better choice,much better IGP as compared to the IGP of i3 3220.


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@ nikhilsharma007nikx

Nobody is arguing here mate. People are just putting facts and this is the way a discussion should go on with more information coming from all sides through the course.
Enjoy it . :)


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Hey, thanks guys! That was fast, It used to take much longer when I used to put queries after crapping my android from flashing :p

Any good GPU suggestions (keeping it below 25k) with the G630/G645?


Will this CPU work well and good without the need of a graphic card?


Does this look better?

Intel G630/G645 @ 3.5K Intel i3 3220 @7k
MSI Intel H61 Motherboard @ 2.8K
Corsair Value Ram 4GB X 1 1333 MHz @ 1.2K
WD Caviar Blue 500 GB SATA HDD @ 3.5K
AOC/BenQ 16" LED Display @ 3.9K
Corsair VS450 SMPS @ 2.2K
Logitech MK200 Keyboard & Mouse @ 0.5K
Intex/Frontech Cabinet w/o PSU @ 0.7K
Zebronix/Umax/Frontech 600 VA UPS @ 1.2K

Ignore Gaming needs: is a maggu- the studious kind! ;)

And again, thanks!
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