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  1. I

    I think all my appliances are getting too hot :S Help!

    Hi all! I'm based in Delhi and for the past few months it seems that all the major electrical appliances in my house seem to be getting too hot. I just touched the side of my old samsung fridge and it was really hot. There were some areas where I couldn't even touch it for more than 5...
  2. T

    Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering vs Electronics & Electrical Engineering

    Will be doing it from a local college. I like Electrical stuff: power supplies, power phases, motors etc, but many people recommend the ET. Btw, will telecommunications make any difference versus communications? I love computer hardware (not so much the software side, but am okay with it)...
  3. RizEon

    PC for electrical engineering studies.

    Need help on deciding a PC config for friend: his needs: Budget:20k (max 25k but stay as close to 20 as possible) 1. Usage -Net surfing, movies, Photoshop,Dreamweaver, Matlab, GNU Octave and microcap (simulation etc) ...(he's studying electrical engineering, and does part time desinging)...
  4. S

    Need help from electrical engineers

    Hi all, need some clarifications from electrical engineers, in our industry we are upgrading a three phase induction motor from 30hp(22kw) to 50hp(37kw).my question is on what basis the electrical Amps rating is given to motor.I have seen some motors of 30hp whose amps rating differ from 40 to...
  5. R

    APC UPS BR800IN problems

    My APC UPS BR800IN (out of warranty) with a clicking sound flashed from green to amber(battery light) repeatedly..there is nothing wrong with my electrical line. the other UPS has no such problem. i can start the UPS in battery mode without line. In both the case.the socket at the back..live...
  6. S

    Brain control headset for Gamers

    Source Read more from the above link specified. Its only worth 300$ ... not bad when others cost thousands of dollars. The Headset might not work for all the games right now ... I suppose. But it will revolutionize gaming in a Big way. :cool:
  7. Anindya

    How to direct output through printer or parallel port in 'C'?

    Hello friends, can anyone plz tell me how can i direct the output through the printer or parallel port of the computer? It is not for printer purpose but for the electrical purpose. I mainly need the electrical signals after the computer takes the decision then use it. Hope i am clear. U can...
  8. I

    How to control any electrical appliance say a "BULB" with sound ....

    HI , Just wud like to knw if u want to control any electrical appliance with the help of sound how wud u do that.......!!!! Since in electrical appliances u have too many options let's take a simple case of "BULB" suppose u have to only "ON" n "OFF" that bulb....!!!! Everybody knows how to...
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