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  1. RizEon

    PC for electrical engineering studies.

    Need help on deciding a PC config for friend: his needs: Budget:20k (max 25k but stay as close to 20 as possible) 1. Usage -Net surfing, movies, Photoshop,Dreamweaver, Matlab, GNU Octave and microcap (simulation etc) ...(he's studying electrical engineering, and does part time desinging)...
  2. KDroid

    Railways Shuts Down IIT Kanpur’s Rs 100 Crore Simran Project

  3. sygeek

    "Piracy made me popular", Anurag Kashyap

    Piracy made me popular: Anurag Kashyap We finally have someone who understands.
  4. summers

    Computer Shops in Kanpur/Lucknow

    Dear All, Can anyone please suggest some good computer shops in Kanpur / Lucknow? I am planning to build a PC for a long time but have recently relocated from West Bengal to UP owing to my job. I am planning to purchase various component locally from Kanpur as it is near to Delhi and i...
  5. rajatGod512

    Need Good Quality DDR3 RAM

    Hello Everyone , A friend of mine wanted good DDR3 RAM Sticks as he previously had some cheap DDR3 1333 Mhz RAM . He has an i5 2400 and a MSI P67A-GD55 board. (dunno why he bought such a cheap RAM):shock:. Max Budget = Rs 4500 not a penny more than that I am looking forward to - G Skill...
  6. D

    DCC Kanpur

    Digit Community Chapter Kanpur is exclusively for Kanpur people, know the latest and stay updated on meets / events and activities in Kanpur.
  7. krates

    I got the LORD OF THE STREETS :D

    Hurray... I purchased my first bike .......... very happy showing teeths :D This bike kick a$$ for those of you who want to know why I didn't go for the Apache 180 that is because of looks and roads in kanpur.. I am so happy :D 0-100 was quite fast :D for those of you who want style and...
  8. utsav

    Thinkdigit Kanpur meetup

    Well this time its not the same Delhi or Mumbai again. :p Me,gxsaurav ,krates ,abhishek have planned to meet up in kanpur on this 5th April. gxsaurav will come from Lucknow to kanpur and i will go from Jhansi to Kanpur for the meetup. The expected meetup location is Rave Moti at around...
  9. krates

    Anybody from kanpur here ?

    Anybody from kanpur here ? let see the no. of guyz then we will plan some meet out lol ....
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