Overheating problems


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I got it delivered just now @9.30pm by their personal courier guys. I had emailed them about my situation after the the order placement.

It was supposed to dispatch today or tomorrow evening.
Still ok priced compared to Amazon so I didn't mind it getting from prime.

I am thinking of the Cooler which @topgear mentioned. Or its rgb edition @1650 or the deep cool gamaxx 400 with 120mm fan or antec A40.
Antec has 3 yrs warranty support which is promising.
Still not decided. Any help ?

Installation of both DC gammaxx 400 and antec A40 both are mediocre where CMH410R has more secure installation process. If you need DP gammax 400 look for V2.


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What's the thickest thermal paste I can find in India? Prefer conductivity to be better than or on par with NT-H1.
See this, looks like what you want.

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