1. T

    Strange ram behavior

    I bought a zion xtreme 8gb ddr3 today.. The pc booted normally everything fine. Problem started when i tried to install highly compressed game repack. It returned checksum error immediately.but my older 4 gb ram is giving no such problems. I m out of options. Even after pairing 8 and 4 gb same...
  2. krish_techie

    Should we import xbox one s from US ?

    Hey Guys, I Know that xbox one s is not official in india. But, If i get it from friends in US will there be any problems here ?
  3. hari1

    PC keeps restarting after BIOS

    I am having a big problem with my PC right now. It keeps restarting 4-5 seconds after BIOS screen and before Windows boots. While Windows 7 was running, I inserted my earphone on the back of the PC and it restarted and went into a loop. I can boot into BIOS just fine and can also successfully...
  4. D

    lenovo k3 note discussion

    Hi, guys I created this thread for Lenovo k3 note.. Let me know about this phone problems, tips tricks.. Let's share..
  5. Adibaba

    Best Mobile under 22K and moto x issues ??

    Plz tell me the best to buy under 22k and also does the moto x 2014 have screen problems?
  6. nikhilsharma007nikx

    Computer HDD problem.

    Computer HDD problem[SOLVED] I have been using my computer for about 9-10 years now. Lately its giving me a lot of problems. Recently i had to purchase a CPU cooler as the CPU tends to reach 103 C !!! now its giving me some weird problems. I have 2 HDD's 1. Seagate 80gb(os) 2. Toshiba...
  7. saikiasunny

    what the hell should i do??

    hello digitians came here after a long time back. idk if post is about career advise or life advise? i don't know how to start but will do it anyway. so the thing is, i am in a situation which i can only describe as hell. there were some really horrible problems i faced last year. first of all...
  8. R

    Ubuntu 13.10 causing fan problems

    hllo guys, im new to ubuntu. ive never used any operating system (for computers) besides windows. now i recently installed ubuntu 13.10 on my dell inspiron 15r 5520. i initially had problems with repositories and certain drivers. the only drivers i could install were video and wifi. now i dont...
  9. Rockstar11

    Display Problems with my PS2 !!

    Just i bought a second hand modded PS2 console from OLX But i am having display problems while playing games on my TV display is showing blueish, violet colour for games. My TV is 25" videocon bazooka and in A/V mode it has two options for video (AUTO and NTSC 358). I tried both of...
  10. D

    Any disadvantage of using PC w/o UPS

    It has been one year that my UPS died. I have not replaced the battery and using my PC without UPS. I don't see any problems yet. Is there any? I have cooler master Xtreme Power 600W PSU.
  11. A

    [Query] hp usa made laptop repairs

    where can i have a hp usa made laptop repaired in india for which hp india refused warantee extension-i ask so for possible problems which may arise-right now the laptop is ok
  12. K

    Need touch-n-type mobile(10k) for dad....

    Hello.. Need touch-n-type mobile for my dad... with 4 inch screen,front camera,battery life.Also rough n tough usage... Budget 10k,android phone. Mainly for calls,SMS n audio... Brands-LG,Samsung,Nokia,HTC,Micromax,Sony Xperia. There shouldn't be any hanging,battery problems.. Any1...
  13. G

    Question about hair spa

    Today I came to know about something called hair spa from a friend in which they use some kind of special shampoo or something which helps in dealing with problems like dry hair, dandruff, hair fall etc. So anyone here have tried out this before?
  14. A

    Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

    I am facing a problem since last few days where windows device manager shows "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" for my Nvidia GeForce 8400M GS graphics card on an HP Pavilion dv6000....I am unable to play any games or movies....have attached the...
  15. S

    Getting frequent dc MTNL mumbai

    I am getting dc every 40 mins. Its very irritating while playing game. Recently my diablo3 hardcore char died bec of dc. Also having problems playing youtube videos on 480px. It hangs a lot
  16. Ironman

    Seagate 2 TB Problems ............. What should i do ?

    i bought a Seagate 2TB internal 3 weeks ago within that time some problems arose ......................... Sometimes the speeds just get down to 3MBps Sequential R/W instead of 100+ this is the third time it happened many times there are errors in the partitions which get...
  17. G

    Need HELP regarding Mohterboard Replacement- Lenovo Y500

    Hello Everyone, I bought a Lenovo y500 on 18th june,2013 and faced problem after 2 days.I have my laptop in service center from then till now.but yesterday they called and told me that 5 parts( including mother board,lower case,hinges,led cable,led panel) had been...
  18. kg11sgbg

    You Tube videos partially downloading,extreme buffering effect

    I am unable to download full videos from You tube. Also facing extreme buffering. I am on Firefox. Friends,any similar problems of anyone,regarding You Tube? Please share and also suggest better solutions.
  19. A

    After sales service for Huawei

    Has anyone experienced the after sales service that Huawei offers? How good and fast are they? Were there any problems? I am primarily interested in Delhi service centers.
  20. V

    HTC One X+ ???

    Just got a couple que about it? 1. how's the battery life? mostly interested in standby times with custom roms? is there good xda support for it? 2. Does 1 gb ram really cause memory management problems? Plz help especially if you have had some first hand experience..thanks:-)
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