November 2007 - Opinion Poll

Government imposed security measures in cybercafés - fair or foul?

  • a) They're important for homeland security

    Votes: 16 11.9%
  • b) ID checks and cameras are good, keyloggers are not

    Votes: 75 55.6%
  • c) They intrude on our privacy

    Votes: 21 15.6%
  • d) Corrupt government officials may misuse our data

    Votes: 23 17.0%

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casanova said:
I dint say to give it away free, even if they charge something, cyber idiots might just pass to anyone if given a nice excuse by friends or a hefty sum by strangers. In either case this idiot will be held.

Arrey bhai :) , i said they should be issued by govt not cafe owners. Cafe owners should not be involved in issuing them. The user just swaps it and gets down to business. No need to even show them to cafe owners.


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you may use some kind of video monitoring software...that can help but keyloggers is really the thing which make the (cyber cafes) unsafe.

i wont go to cafe in case of emergence as well then.,....

B) Its is the middle path between privacy & security, this method enables the govt to keep watch on visitors without invading their comfort zone


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B) ID check and camera is good for identification. Rest of the content can be tracked through IP logs. Keyloggers are not required. It intrudes privacy and not at all safe in any circumstances.


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There are black sheep in every society. But just to control some of them, who may be very few, measure such as key logging is a strict no. It intrudes on our privacy and is more dangerous.


I vote b), because it will act as a deterrent in cybercafes being used for criminal activity, but keyloggers will give people access to my e-mail and e-banking accounts. Keyloggers are an encroachment on PRIVACY.


I voted for (c) because there can be no compromise when it comes to the matter of privacy of an Individual.

These measures are just an eye wash for the general public and will not be effective in curbing cyber crimes. Instead of creating a competent CyberCell in the police departments or investing in making CERT(Computer Emergency Response Team) an effective organisation, the govt is just making its job easier by invading the privacy of the citizens.

If anyone who is inclined to commit cybercrime or some anti-social activity would not mind forging IDs and using them easily bcos cafewalas wont check for the IDs with the same seriousness as our invigilators do in our exams :D

Installing cameras, monitoring, archiving the footage, maintanence is all a BIG burden which is imposed on the cafewala who will inturn charge those fees to us - which means INCREASED cost. Why should we pay more, live in fear and lose our privacy for a security system that is as fragile as a glass ???

so my vote is a BIG NO NO to all these bigbrother tactics.

@The_Devil_Himself 9/11 did not happen bcos of failure in online security or watever.
There were larger problems that contributed to that eg: lacklustre security in airports

"...we need not worry about them if we are doing nothing illegal...." <<<< wow what a statement.
imagine this... you are writing an exam and an invigilator is standing near you and is staring at you...
eventhough you are not copying would you feel very comfortable ?? wont you be disturbed, distracted ??

@blackpearl very good argument.. kudos

@alsiladka Mr.Cyber Law student good point from your perspective but dont you just think that it will just give rise to ID theft/fraud (that is common in foreign countries)

"......Without these implementation, i can anytime go to a cyber cafe, hack into your email ids, your bank accounts, hack into government sites and whisk off....."

no no alsiladka thats just a hypothetical statement... ppl who are inclined to do watever you mentioned above WILL easily circumvent these punitive so-called-security measures (eg: multi-ip proxies/ID theft etc) and the above acts cannot be committed in a jiffy

@Abhishek Dwivedi yeah tell that to alsiladka ;) :p

Sykora's post has a nice point.

@narangz your spot on. very well said dude. and a grt reply to alsiladka

@max_demon LOL.. jokes aside man be serious :p. @ratedrsuperstar and azzu nice points there

@Sourabh first post grt!!! second one sarcasm eh... :D

@PikachuTrAiNeR and casanova well said

ppl dont think ID check and video survelliance is good. I'm surprised at so many people voting for option A and even option B.. LOL.. If people agree without any fuss for this, think about the future - can u guarantee the govt would not try to implement this for our Home Internet Connections also(eg: internet censorship etc) ??? See China.... would you guys vote for option A and B in that situation also..

Think again!!!
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Keyloggers are not only breach of 'privacy' but also 'personal security'.

NIC/CDAC should provide Internet cafes with management software to make certain that there is no unauthorised use of the facility.

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Security checks till ID proof and Cameras is fine regards to Homeland security, but Keyloggers are a strict no-noas people access private and confidential data all the time from the Cafes and Kiosks.
The logged Data can be missused by anyone from the cafe owner to the corrupt Govt. Officials

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I voted for B. Its good to check id and install security cam but Keyloggers are dangerous as it will be easy to hack people's email ids,bank account details etc.


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Yet another vote for b)

Cybercrime is a growing nuisiance and criminals often use cyber cafe's so that they cant be tracked down. Hence, maintaining a register and holding the user accountable is neccesary. But putting in a keylogger is going too far. The data recorded by the keylogger may contain sensitive information like credit card numbers and passwords. Who is there do guarantee that this data wont fall into wrong hands and be misused?
well, the anti social elements use the net in a public area like cyber cafes to avoid detection. ID's and all those things provide some hope of identification. keylogging may be too much. maybe the sites visited could be tabbed.


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The govt should get more wise. Imposing such things with announcements is wrong. Appoint a core group with impeccable record with absolute powers and let them loose. Let them monitor all mail, IM, torrent etc. Beef up the security setup network so these guys will know in advance what is happening.
Just my 2 bits.


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As Cyber crime is gripping Indian scene , it (in my opinion) shld have been done long ago.

It does invade our privacy with keyloggers and data in wrong hands can prove fatal for ppl who use net for serious/business related stuff

shashank ayyar

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i tried really hard.
but i really don care what their reasons privacy comes first.any way can they really monitor that kind of info efiiciently??


I will go with option (c) bcaz I don't think that just putting cameras and key loggers will do something better.
I think that many cyber cafe owners donot follow these rules and cheat government for their benefiets.There r also many cyber rules today but tell me how many cyber cafe owners follow them.I heard that many cyber cafe owners give bribe too.
So solution is not just putting rules over n over but strictness of following the rules.The government should force cyber cafe owners to follow rules and take strict actions when they donot follow them.I also want to tell the people that don't misuse the law just respect it.They r made for our security.So,kindly follow them.


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i would go for b
i wont support for the key logger option, because we cannt verify the integrity of the cyber cafe owner/care taker.
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