Not Fair!!!

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I was just looking around to see what other countries have to pay for internet. And look what I found:

16 Mbps Unlimited for Rs. 1,180 a month. That is just not fair compared to the 1Mbps Unlimited in India for Rs. 2200! Double the Cost, sixteen times less speed!!

No wonder everyone is living in HD world....

BSNL/Airtel/Reliance/God, Please do something!


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16 Mbps

why do they charge so much in india then?

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They might be getting 1KG onion for 4 Euros, OMG Rs 200+ :lol: Try that in India, and you will see the real power of janta burning buses and protesting :D

You cannot compare like this ;)


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Guys, you are talking about a Developed countries with a much more advanced infrastructure than our country. Even i want cheap and faster internet, but you just cant go and compare the prices of two such different countries.

They have 3G cellular services, a superb public transport system, a better per capita income. We are still lacking behind in almost all respects.


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It took time for this prices to be effective there Even India would require some time to meet our demands. Time would come for sure. I hope soon enough.
jab hamare bachhe 6-6 foot ke honge tab jake we'll get this plan for a reasonable price (MAYBE)
Indian broaband and speeds are pathetic!!
I applied for 749NU plan last month.Today my plan got changed but i am still getting <256K!!


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wTh ???

dont worry ... these tarrif are nor in the hand of TRAI.. which should have been...

so 16mbps for 1k+ .... wait for just 3 years + ...



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Its bcoz there is no competition in broadband in India.
Frankly there are only 3 broadband providers in india:
1.BSNL: +Vast coverage
+Decent network uptime
-Dubba plans(good example:New Rs.125 plan) which doent make
any sense.
2.Airtel: +Excellent service hardly any downtime
+Outstanding customer service.
+Wide range of very good plans.Launches new plans
every now and then.
-Limited to very few areas.
3.Tata: +Quite good coverage.Present in many areas.
+Good uptime for few customers.
+Quite decent plans.
-Not very good customer care.
We need more operators like Airtel in india with better coverage.
And other ISPs like Sify,Zeenext,You etc are all bullcrap.
So with just 3 BB ISPs how can you expect competition and good tariffs?
Just look at mobile operators for example!

So what Govt can do is:
1.Allow pvt companies to use BSNL infrastructure for last mile connectivity.
2.Start 3G. I think its going to take atleast 2.5yrs from now to see 3G in India.

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it is a developed country having much infrastructure than us Indians :mad:
I will go to UK to study so that i get the broadband :D
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