1. bssunilreddy

    NEW FUP LIMITS from Beam:

    NEW FUP LIMITS from Beam: Choose your speed plan Unlimited Data Plans Charges in INR Plan Speed Old FUP Limit New FUP Limit Speed Post FUP Monthly Half Yearly Yearly 2 Years B-Max 410...
  2. A

    Fair Usage Policy

    which are the Broadband in MUMBAI without Fair Usage Policy ....???
  3. rider

    Car under 10 lakhs

    My family is planning for a car more suitable for the comfort of passengers rather than driving experience. And the most important thing is that it should be have good fuel efficiency whether its petrol or diesel and maintenance should be fair. My choices are (according to looking) Hyundai...
  4. windchimes

    Doubt on CMS

    Hello DIGITians Got one website for a publication house to be shaped up. I have no fair idea on the technology working behind but would like to know what exactly is the job of CMS and where it stops and what is the difference between Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal and how one wins over the...
  5. paroh

    Mtnl new Fair Usage and Time-Based Unlimited Plans

    Fair Usage and Time-Based Unlimited Plans New Page 1
  6. Z

    Buying a second hand PSP

    A guy is offering my a Sony PSP 3004 with the bundled acessories along with a UMD. He says it's used very less and is as good as new. He is selling for Rs 4000. I tried bargaining but he won't budge. Is it a fair deal? Also, what should I watch out for when checking it before buying? I...
  7. TheLetterD

    What ISP<pls help urgently>

    Hey ppl... pls help me quick.... i need an isp connection for mainly :shock:utorrent downloading....256kbps\+....:-D i hv shortlisted airtel swift 800 :-Dbucks plan<256 kb/s>although i didnt 8)understand its fair usage policy....i even need wifi with it ....is the router by airtel...
  8. george101

    Airtel removes FUP on 256 kbps Unlimited package(at least in some areas)

    Latest information available to us is that Airtel has now removed the limits put on by the Airtel Fair Usage Policy on the 256kbps unlimited plan. This is probably because the speeds when reduced to 128kbps did not comply with the TRAI’s broadband requirements of 256kbps minimum speeds...
  9. red_devil

    Say Hello to TATA INDICOM's FUP [Fair Usage Policy]

    Well well, we all just got luckier. After AIRTEL introduced its Fair Usage Policy, its now the turn of TATA INDICOM. . :shock::shock::shock: though the limit on the "unlimited" connection is much better than AIRTEL's, TATA Indicom's terms and conditions say that they reserve the right to...
  10. B

    Airtel New Tariff Enrolment Form for broadband with Airtel Fair Usage Policy

    Here is the Airtel New Tariff Enrolment Form for broadband with Airtel Fair Usage Policy or should i say Airtel Fair Looting Policy. :D Complete Enrolment Form http://i43.tinypic.com/2nm0zgo.jpg Shamelessly Airtel is not ready display this unfair policy in its website...
  11. V

    Disabled Girl fined for $8000 for D/L ten Music tunes!

    The Media copyrights Trolls in the USA does it again.... THE GREEDO LAWYERS for the Big Music MAFIAA have outdone themselves, falling to depths that even their harshest critics could scarcely have imagined. They've won a default judgment for alleged copyright infringement against Ciara...
  12. IronManForever

    Mobile Phone for 8k?

    Guys. Im here on behalf of 2 friends who want a cellphone. One's gone kaput and the other got sick of his old BnW :D . And Im doing all the research to give them the best I can at the price. And I have come to you guys. Here's what they want. There are two categories, one phone needed in...
  13. m-jeri

    [For sale]XBOX 360 and accessories for sale

    hi, All these are just 6 months old..so condition is pristine..all used for very few hours... ALL SOLD..THESE ARE LEFT Media Remote - 1350(Shipped)(Only used for 3hrs) ALL PRICES ARE FAIR. AND WILL NOT CHANGE. So no mail with reduced price or anything will not be replied...
  14. ring_wraith

    Not Fair!!!

    I was just looking around to see what other countries have to pay for internet. And look what I found: http://broadband.o2.co.uk/ 16 Mbps Unlimited for Rs. 1,180 a month. That is just not fair compared to the 1Mbps Unlimited in India for Rs. 2200! Double the Cost, sixteen times less...
  15. maharajadhiraj

    6630 or 6680 or 6681 or v3i?????

    Guyz I need to get a new mobile...Wich 1 shud i go for out of da 4 phones i mentioned (6630 or 6680 or 6681 or v3i) I am not too sure of v3i cos its sound quality isnt good and its camera is fair...
  16. sysfilez

    Compass 2006 - Eastern India Biggest IT Fair

    Source: www.compassindia.com The Compass IT Fair this year is going to be held frm 17th Nov to 20th Nov @ Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata. The IT crazy ppl might have already come across this news, but then i thought lets post it. Its one of the hapening things in Kolkata. I have been visiting...
  17. A

    Are these prices fair?

    I'm from Gurgaon. Are these prices fair? AMD Athlon 64 3000+ & Asus K8V (not Deluxe) ---- Rs. 16,300 Hynix DDR 400 2*256MB ----- 2 x Rs. 2250 = Rs. 4500 OR Hynix DDR400 512MB ----- Rs. 4650 Seagate 80GB SATA ----- Rs. 3750 Tell me, how much costlier is the Asus K8V Deluxe than the...
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