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Nokia N9 Announced


Cyborg Agent
Killer looks ever for a candy bar phone except for its OS. I wish it had Android.

@APPLE : take that..No buttons. Now dont say with iPhone 5 that you INVENTED IT


I am the master of my Fate.
this looks damn impressive....
but have doubts abt meego impact in market/public
icons looks similar to iphone


Uhu, Not Gonna Happen!
the fone looks awesome. I am in love with it already :)

And its browser supports HTML5 (no Flash as of now though)


In the zone
The phone looks gorgeous :D
Sadly Meego looks dead to me even before its arrival because I don't see any more Meego phones to come in the future.


Cyborg Agent
Wow.. great nokia.. lolz
I am using Swipe stuff .. rather hypbrid of Swipe from years. .. try out SPB mobile shell :p


Uhu, Not Gonna Happen!
yupp this is first and last handset on MeeGo from Nokia as per the reports :|

Nokia's future is really uncertain at this moment.
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