New Fully Transparent Aero Media Player by me


Right off the assembly line
This Aero Media Player is developed and created only for Aero Addicted peopled......

This App is created for visually see like Windows Media Player(But with full transparency like "Aero")

NOTE :- ~!@ This App is only for Windows Vista and Windows Seven User with Aero Theme Applied on thier PC`s @!~


1. Full Aero Support
2. Task bar Buttons for stop , pause ,play and volume mute or mute off
3. Perfect Outer Glow of pause and play button just like Windows Media Player 12
4. Small size Application with compare to Windows Media Player.
5. It also shows preview of Album Art /Album Cover of song in taskbar thumbnail...(when you mouse over it`s thumbnail in taskbar)
6. Shows status of current media player in taskbar(means how many part of song is played)

Future Enhancement:-

1. Playing multiple files At a time ..
2. Add supports for video toooo
3. Playlist option
4. Forward and Rewind of Song (In this version i provided buttons for it but it dose not work right now it is just provided for eye candy)
5. Support for windows xp

Application Information:-

Name :- Aero Media Player

Still in Beta

Version :- 0.1

Year:- 2011

Credits :-

Programming ,Designing,Aero User Interface by ~sukumaar-neo on

and icon by ~danielsherv on

Official Website -->link <--

Download -->link <--



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Excellent player. I'm using it and the interface is very cool looking.

@ sukumaar

What language did you use to develop it? Care to explain a bit mate?


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A bit compact and it could have been used as an alternative to CD Art Display.


Good work & keep it up.

Update this thread, whenever you release the next updates....
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