1. GhorMaanas

    [For Sale] HiMedia HD900B 3D Media Player

    Expected Price (Rs.): 6500 shipped Item Condition: 4 out of 5 Purchase Date: Aug. 2011 Remaining Warranty Period: None Invoice Available?: No Reason for Sale: Got an HTPC Shipping from: Thane Payment Options: Cash, Bank Transfer a popular media player till not long back, this 3D media...
  2. Flash

    What're the APPS which you use daily on your PC?

    What are the Applications which you use (often)on your PC? Let me share mine. PC maintenance/Health - CCleaner/Glary Utilities/Tuneup/Defraggler/HD Sentinel Media - WMP/VLC/Bsplayer Security - 360 Total Security Search - Instant File Find, Everything Media editing - Photoshop Browser -...
  3. wwwescape

    Android: Moving WhatsApp Media folder to SD card

    Hi, I have a rooted Samsung Galaxy S4 running on Android Lollipop with 32GB SD card. What is the best way to move the WhatsApp Media folder to the SD card. I've tried using FolderMount but any new media that gets sent to WhatsApp doesn't get saved to my device anymore. I can see the...
  4. bajaj151

    Clone Hard Disk = Solution or not ?

    There are media files on my friend system which can run and accessible only on his system in which it's software installation was done. I can't install that software on my system, because it requires installation key which is valid only for that system and needs online registration. For...
  5. G

    Lies and Rumors spread by Indian media

    Seeing how nepalese on twitter have been trending #Gohomeindianmedia fot the totally insensitive and senseless questions they have been asking the survivors and Indians are trending #Don'tcomebackindianmedia, let's look at how shameless our media is. And this is just in April. Top Lies spread...
  6. Mr.Kickass

    Anonymous targets ISIS online propaganda

  7. Vyom

    Facebook is the new AOL, Google is new Microsoft, Qualcomm is new Intel ...

    Facebook is the new AOL Google is the new Microsoft; Qualcomm is the new Intel Apple is the new Sony Buzzfeed is the new Yahoo .... Read this, fun article with some great insights:
  8. A

    Media jerks(Lagging) in Windows 8.1 64 bit

    when i play any media in my lapy it lags frequently in 30-40 seconds in Windows 8.1. when i was using Win 7 64 bits in same lapy, it was working fine. Don't know wot to do? :cry::cry: My Laptop is HP pavilion g4 2049tx intel core i5 3rd gen, 4 gb ram, radion graphics.
  9. A

    no audio sound from laptop speakers

    not getting any sound while playing any audio file-while using window media player i get a msg Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file.-restarting lets the audio play but again the same problem- i have a win 8 lappie.please help.problem started today-even when i use my...
  10. Y

    NAS Media server

    Hi folks, Looking to setup a NAS server with Media streaming and file sharing capabilities. Shortlisted Synology ds213j and WD RED 2TB. Pls provide your opinions. Thanks. Sudhix
  11. masterkd

    Nexus 5 media scanner issue

    I recently got this weird problem in my Nexus 5. No media other than the ones taken using device camera is getting updated. Like if I receive any image in whatsapp it is not coming in the gallery which used to come earlier. Also if I copy some videos it is not coming in gallery or mxplayer...
  12. rakesh_sharma23

    Home Media Server (SMALL SQUARE)

    A New Case build. Naming it SMALL SQUARE. Small media and file server for home. Thanks for viewing. Rakesh Sharma
  13. S

    Which DSLR to buy for College?

    Hi I just got selected in a Culture and Media Course in Tata Institute of Social Sciences. I am required to work with a camera for certain projects and make photo documentaries. Other than that I also need a camera as an amateur photographer. To get an idea of my photography you can see my...
  14. B

    Video download from Youtube is without audio.

    If I play the file in the browser, there is no audio problem. But if I download it from youtube using the site keepvid or the software Xilisoft or 4K video downloader, there is no audio at all. I have tried playing it in Media Player Classic, VLC and Windows Media Player, but to no avail. I've...
  15. L

    Help to choose a TV Tuner card.

    I bought a Frontech External LCD TV Tuner Card but 'Windows Media Centre' can't detect it. Now I'm intending to buy a new TV Tuner card which can be used with 'Windows Media Centre' for recording purpose. Please help.
  16. R

    Screen Capture using VLC Media Player

    There are number of Screen Capture software’s available on the Internet such as CamStudio or Bandicam which can used to record your desktop activity. Screen Capture software’s plays an important role if you are a blog or an online teacher, since it can be used to create video tutorials. Many of...
  17. B


    hi guys i want to dual boot with windows 7 and a media center os(like xbmc) plz help
  18. A

    How upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8

    Since last few years I am using Windows 7 Ultimate with SP1 (64 Bit) and now I want to upgrade it to Windows 8 Pro With media center (64 Bit)can any one know's how to perform it.
  19. A

    Windows media player not working

    helo frnds, Windows Media Player on pc not play the DVD because a compatible DVD decoder is not installed on my computer. Where can i get a free DVD decoder compatible to Windows media player using window 7 Pl give websites where i can download the plug in. pcu-intel 3220 mobo-...
  20. Desmond

    Pope Francis says the internet is a 'gift from God'

    Source : Pope Francis says the internet is a 'gift from God' | The Verge
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