1. adityak469

    Iconic Ringtones You Ever Discovered?

    What are the best/iconic ringtones you ever discovered? Notification sound counts too. (with links :D ) For me it there are two - Mario Theme Song - Spiderman Theme Song (TASM 2) -...
  2. Flash

    James Horner: Oscar-winning Titanic composer dies in crash

    James Horner, the Hollywood composer who wrote the Oscar-winning score for Titanic, has died in a California plane crash aged 61.A trained pilot, he is reported to have been alone aboard a small private plane which crashed north of Santa Barbara on Monday morning. He won one Oscar for the...
  3. TheHumanBot

    [Suggetions] Full Music Albums

    Guys, Suggestions for listening to not one particular song but the whole must must listen albums of your choice any genre? Thank you :D
  4. M

    Convert mp4 to MIDI

    I have a song in mp4 format that I want to convert to MIDI. Anyone know how it can be done?
  5. gameranand

    Crackling Sound from Speakers

    Guys some ago my speakers and my Headphones were working fine and then when I was listening to a song then there were a lot of crackling, I mean that there would be a pause in the original song and there would be crack and then song will resume as usual, also the video is suffering from no...
  6. sam9s

    sam9s Online Radio Station project! powered by Synology 413j and ICECast

    Hi All, Me again :D . with another project of mine which I was working for like 3,4 months now. Since the day I learnt that you can have your own personal radio station using ICEcast I wanted to have one for me as well. I had my old laptop lying around and all else it needed was RnD, time and...
  7. S

    My songs getting erased / Cut off from trail end parts : HDD prob ?

    Hi all, I doono where to put my query, so I am Putting in chit chat . I am facing this problem from past 1-2 years , that lots of my favorite songs on MY HDD are erased / cut off from end part. Like i was listening to my song : DU-HAST After a Long time on my nokia N8 and suddenly...
  8. P


    Share your favorite song here...:-D
  9. M

    Please tell me the name of the music!

    Please have a look at this video .... Artistas Antônio Giacomin e Lindonês Silveira on Vimeo Another link to this video... Exposição Virtual - Lindonês Silveira e Antonio Giacomin - YouTube Can anyone tell me the song that plays from 1:45 to 2.08.......... and again from 2:53 to 3:07...
  10. Allu Azad

    Guess The Song

    Hi guys , Can you guess which song is this ? I have given the english translation of a hindi song ( some parts of the lyrics ) . Try whether you can identify which song is this . If you are to be sad, I too would be sad with you Though I may not be visible, I will be close to you Wherever...
  11. Sarath

    [Disussion] "Why do you buy songs when you can download them for free?"

    This is not a question to you guys, it is a question that has been posed to me. But then I would like to know what to answer that will make sense to anyone who will ask the same in future. It all started when I was waiting in the car and suddenly a song occurred to me, I fired up the Flyte...
  12. RCuber

    One Pound Fish!!!

    This one deserves a separate thread. Dono/care if already posted.. :D sharing for LOL's Wiki Studio Version
  13. theserpent

    Need a quick help!Find this song pls

    Hey guys can you all please tell a song which would be suitable for the scene A student's first day in his college, with all unknown people around. Theres Akshays Kumars one song cant remember it :|
  14. G

    Gangnam Style breaks Justin Bieber's YouTube record

  15. R

    One song can have different genres!

    How many of you agree? How many times have you been confused as to what genre a song belongs to? Do you judge a song on the basis of just the background music? Or just the instruments? Are genres subjective to different people? Thing is - my friend asked all this all of a sudden when I...
  16. User Name

    Which is this song or soundtrack?

    Hi, I got a ringtone of this, Want to know which is this song or soundtrack? (mostly i think it is english ) :???: LINK: 4-1526945-16666233 by parikshit1212 on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  17. D

    how to assign a mp3 song as ringtone in Nokia Lumia 610?

    how to assign a mp3 song as ringtone in Nokia Lumia 610?
  18. samudragupta

    how many times have you repeatedly listened to a song?

    as the title says "how many times have you heard a single song repeatedly non stop" i'm currently listening to "paani da rang" from vicky donor. i dont know the song is just tooo good and am listening to it for the last 6hrs so may be 30-35times now!!!! what about you guys or am i just...
  19. A

    PC or Tablet

    Hi, I am a bit(lot) of confused. i am student of 10th standard. i have been promised a high performance laptop for next year, but my present PC wont last that long.It is nothing more than a museum artifact, i have budget of Rs. 14000 and i want to purchase a home use PC for the use of this 1...
  20. N

    [Audio] M2A-Vm Hdmi Issue

    Hello Friends, I have - M2a-vm mobo 4400+ dual core proccy and a 5.1 channel f&d speakers . Problem- My speakers were running fine till i was using windows xp on this system. Suddenly they stopped working when i installed windows 7 64bit ultimate sp1. When i play song there is loud...
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