Need suggestion in Buying Andriod Phone :-?


Hi Folks.I am Planning to buy new Android phone with in range of 22-23 K (after a long 5 year gap ).After a long search i chose HTC Desire,which i think is very gud phone with in this Budget.Pls guide me and tell me if any other gud phone is available with in this Budget.


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But Neo comes around 25k. HTC Desire is a good choice thought, but Neo comes with 2.3 Android, 8MP camera, a sleeky SE UI.

increase just 2k more and get Neo. Good choice.


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Wait for some time and let the HTC Desire S release. Should cost ~25k but it'll worth the price.


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Univercell is selling the super sexy Xperia Arc for 27k (online price).

@furious_gamer: yes, Neo is currently overpriced.I think it comes with 512MB of RAM.


Thanks guys for all your suggestion :).I have few questions.
1.)Rite now HTC desire is coming with 2.2,can this is upgradable to 2.3?
2.)And how much i wait for HTC Desire S , any idea?


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1. officially, no idea. there are cooked Gingerbread ROMs available already for Desire.
2. no idea. you will know when it is ready for release.


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@OP- Get SE XPERIA NEO, perfect for your budget, Price should be around 23-23.5k
or else you could wait for SGS Plus which should release here in about a month or two.


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hey i get to know that HTC launch Desire S in India :) Cool man..
Read Here HTC launches Desire S in India for INR 25,490 |

yeah. came to know just now about Desire S launch. with tax included, it should go to 26k-26.5k atleast.

LG just launched the x2 and black with dual core processor in range of 27-30 k ... do have a look at them before zeroing on any product

nah. reviews shows that the UI is unpolished and the apps crash a lot.


HTC desire is really very good,if u r thinking of it then go for it,it is available around 21K.
And yes u can also have a look at the SE Neo but for that u need to increase ur budget a little bit and also need to wait for some time as it hasn't been officially launched in India till yet.
So if u r planning to increase ur budget then I would like to suggest u HTC Incredible S for around 26K.


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+1 for HTC Desire S (Review)
I think Desire is not worth considering now. Compared to Desire; Desire S has better specs, new version of Sense UI, better battery life and (of course) android gingerbread.
But if you want a better camera you might take a look at SE Xperia Neo (Preview)


Desire S is officially launched in India for approx 25K(but i hope it will be available in market at a much lesser price).
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^^ take Motorola Defy lite, put Android 2.2 (with MotoBlur, WHAT?), add a good looking but not so finger friendly keyboard (as mentioned by Raj i think) & you have your Droid2.
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