1. shreeux

    Need help for Choosing DAC?

    Hi All, My current setup PC >>> SwanM200KII. In between like to add DAC. I bought SwanM200KII for 14500/- So my Budget 5k...Depending upon feature will increase further not above my speaker price.:) Before that, I chose some DAC in Aliexpress..After that to pay for extra customs duty...
  2. A

    34" 21:9 Ultrawide 1440p buying advice

    I wish to buy a 34inch 21:9 ultrawide 1440p monitor Preferred Panel: IPS I did some research and found LG 34UC88-B would be the best for my requirements but the local shops dont have it. Instead they have LG 34UC98 which has just 2 thunderbolt ports compared to the model I first chose and...
  3. 7shivam9

    [QUICK] Sennheiser CX213 vs. Mi In ear.

    Hey digitians. I'm looking for inear headphones under 1,000. I have chose Sennheiser CX213 and MI in ear headphones. Both priced at Rs. 999 I listen to almost everything! They'll be also used for watching movies. And i enjoy good bass. Ive been using sennheiser mx270 for over 6 months...
  4. M

    earphones for htc one x

    i lost earphone of htc one any can plz help me out to chose best ear phone suited for htc one x:-)
  5. J

    Confusion of processor and MB

    Hi. I want to buy a new cpu. I already decided my graphics card and ran but failing to decide MB and processor. My budget- MB- Rs.10000 or a little more. PRO- Rs. 12000 or a little more. I chose my motherboard as ASRock Z77 Extreme4 Motherboard and want to buy it. I wanted to buy AMD 3.3...
  6. S

    Help me to chose topic for dissertation

    hi I am pursuing my master's in malaysia. After arriving here i came to know the fact that there is no standards here.i can't go back and decided to complete my masters. Inorder to get my degree i need to do dissertation. i am baffled to chose anything between business analytics and project...
  7. U

    optimus black or xperia neo

    Help me guys.. my brother is buying a cell phone... Price is not a factor.. If you have to chose between these two phones.. which one would you chose?? please don't recommend any other phone
  8. GhorMaanas

    Final config : Last word & last min suggestion(s)

    Hi, with your able assistance, constant advice by friends, and consistent & brain-swelling fact-finding done by myself, i have finally decided to take the plunge for the following gaming PC config for was a matter of about 2-2.5 weeks for the process, but it seemed like much more ...
  9. C

    How to Buy a dSLR.

    Well I started this thread to ask the respectable forum members of Digit on how to checkout a camera (after doing your home work obviously:razz:) in the sense how check out its grip :-o its flaws etc etc :| please pour in your advice and experiences on how you chose your camera ;-)
  10. slashragnarok

    PrimeABGB shipping

    Guys I'm confused about shipping charges at Primeabgb. When I go to checkout, there are two options, one is free shipping the other has some amount mentioned. At first I was ordering a thermal compound and so I thought maybe such a small item had free shipping but even when I chose a cabinet...
  11. S

    Need suggestion in Buying Andriod Phone :-?

    Hi Folks.I am Planning to buy new Android phone with in range of 22-23 K (after a long 5 year gap ).After a long search i chose HTC Desire,which i think is very gud phone with in this Budget.Pls guide me and tell me if any other gud phone is available with in this Budget.
  12. R

    Vote fr the best phone

    Hay im gonna buy my first phone and my budget is less than 10k ..i have been doing research on it for a while and came up with these choices plz help me decide by voting for one of these and explaining why you chose it thnk u all also if u think all these phones are not good and have...
  13. cyber

    funky address

    wondered how people get funky mail addresses.they use forwarding mail services. go to or can chose ur own address from their list.
  14. Zangetsu

    Why u chose this Profile name???

    HI 2 All.... Its nice 2 c u all in this forum with diff views & crosstalks.....gr8 ;) so decided this thread to b opened...."what made u think of your profile name..." :D OK..lets start with me first: i didnt get ne spcl name so i simply chose my own name 2 b my profile name with a...
  15. iinfi

    n72 contacts backup screwed...

    i v my n72 with me for almost 9 months now. i use pc suite to sync my fone with my PC. (only contacts) all these days i used to do it blindly assuming that it works fine in the background. just today i discovered something. there are several contacts in my fone whose nos. are stored in...
  16. gopz

    Dell XPS m1330 - AWESOME is the word!!!

    How does this look? Intel Core 2 Duo T8100 - 3MB L2, 800FSB, 45nm Penryn 4GB DDR2 RAM 320GB SATA HDD 13.3" Slim & Light WLED screen with 0.3MP webcam; Tuxedo black nVIDIA 8400m GS with 128MB DDR3 9 Cell battery DVD writer Intel Wireless N Card, Bluetooth Bluetooth Travel Mouse Bluetooth...
  17. s3Prosavage

    xp boot time problem........

    i have windows xp installed on my computer.......few days ago i tried to reinstall xp but there was a power failure...n i dont have a when i switched on da pc again two options occured....1.start windows xp...
  18. Voldy

    A woman used 40Gbps internet connection to dry laundry

    Source:engadget these we call fortune here we r arguing, critzing our connections and its speed and look at the other side that woman uses that mamoth speed just for laundry:(
  19. soumya

    The BitTorrent Legend Returns: I Am aXXo

    During November last year we reported that the popular DVD ripper aXXo had decided to take a break and stop releasing new material for a while. It now seems that he is back in business. A few hours ago aXXo uploaded his first movie in months. He chose “I Am Legend”. !!<--link removed-->!!
  20. Y

    Which is the best Broadband Connection/Plan in Delhi?

    I need a new broadband connection but am confuse to chose from those floating Ads by different service provider. please help me to chose the best plan/provider in delhi. My requirement are: 1. I want to download lots of things from docs. to mp3:cool: . Unlimited/large Bandwidth. 2. Speed sud be...
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