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need Help buying a sandy bridge motherboard


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been plannin to buy my sandy bridge pc this weekend
so finalised on the following
i5 2500k
Sapphire/msi cyclone oc hd6850
baracuda seagate 500gb
fsp saga 550w smps
jst needed ur guys help on choosing a perfct motherboard for me..(asus , gigabyte, or asrock) with usb3.0
i put all of my budget on my i5 and 6850
the max i can use is 7500
i dont intend to crossfire
nd i dont plan to do hardcore overclocking

just need to finish my setup thats al

if ther aint no good Atx boards, i dont mind using a mAtx board, which has usb3.0 and can fit 6850 in my NZXT guardian case......

thanks a lot in advance
awaiting ur reply


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you can go for another one is Jetway HI08 P67 - it's better suited for mild OC but you won't get the features of Intel Quick Sync tech.
Jetway HI08 P67 motherboard review

Another choice is Intel Intel DZ68DB - though this has Z68 chipset it can't be OCed much but with this one can use all the features offered by Intel Quick sync tech ;-)


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macho84, I think OP has mentioned that he will not do hardcore overclocking which does not mean he won't do overclocking at all. So H61 based motherboard is out of the question.
Now why P67 motherboard when Z68 alternatives are available at the same range? P67 will disable the Lucid Logic Virtue benefits completely along with some other features like SSD caching.
And look at the OP's budget before suggesting him anything; He has a max budget of 7.5K and you're suggesting a mobo of 9.5K. Before suggesting anything make sure you read OP's requirement properly.


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Op can also opt for Z68A-G43 (B3) ( can anyone confirm it's availability in here ) - this is the cheapest Z68 mobo I guess other than Intel and Jetway Z68 mobos ;-)
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