1. rockfella

    [For Sale] AMD USB3 Motherboard & AMD Phenom Dual core combo.

    Selling current motherboard and CPU I've been using since Dec 2012. Motherboard details: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3. Official site link: * Processor details: AMD Phenom™ II X2 Processor 560 (Black Edition)...
  2. R

    Router+usb3.0 hub+external hdd connection

    Hi All, Currently i am having the below set up WD 2TB 3.0 External hdd connected through the Transcend usb3.0 hub to PC 3.0 port. I want to connect the 2TB hdd to my W8968 router usb port. so i connected a usb male to male cable from router to the usb3.0 hub. It seems not working. Any idea...
  3. S

    MODEM is not detecting in my usb 3.0 ports

    i am using BSNL EVDO CARD(BSNL Prithvi),it is not detecting only in my DELL inspiron n4110 model in USB 3.0 port.when i plug my modem it install its software and then initializing the modem but after some time it says "Device not detected ".But when i am using it on the others lappy usb3.0 ports...
  4. Y

    front usb3.0 port of nzxt source 210 elite work with dh67cl b3 ??

    is there no jack to connect cabinet's front usb3.0 port wire to intel dh67cl b3 mobo? how to make it work? or the front port is useless beacause of this mobo?
  5. isb4u7701

    [For Sale] New Sealed Western Digital WD Elements SE 500GB 2.5inch USB3.0 + USB2.0 Portable Hard Drive

    Cheapest Deal Anywhere on Internet Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Western Digital WD Elements SE 500GB 2.5inch USB3.0 + USB2.0 Portable Hard Drive Expected Price: Rs 4200/- (Extremely Non-Negotiable) Time of Purchase: 12th May 2012 Warranty : Yes (Manufacturer Warranty) Reason for...
  6. D

    Choosing a Motherboard

    Hi guyz, Please help me in selecting a gud motherboard for my core i5-2320. i'm not willing to spend much. just a decent motherboard under 6.5 or 7k. it should however have rear USB3.0 ports and atleast 4 RAM slots. Preferably crossfirex support(if available) Thankz in advance...
  7. J

    Upgrading from P4 to AMD(Budget Rig)

    Hi Guys, This is my first post on Digit Forum I am planning to Upgrade from a P4 bought 7 years ago. So my current config is Intel P4, MSI Mobo(845 i guess), 1 GB DDR(400), 80 GB PATA HDD, a Lite on DVD-RW and an ATX cabinet. Apart from this i have a 500 GB WD Caviar Green SATA which i can...
  8. mikeyaxe

    need Help buying a sandy bridge motherboard

    guys, been plannin to buy my sandy bridge pc this weekend so finalised on the following i5 2500k Sapphire/msi cyclone oc hd6850 baracuda seagate 500gb fsp saga 550w smps jst needed ur guys help on choosing a perfct motherboard for me..(asus , gigabyte, or asrock) with usb3.0 i put all of...
  9. N

    AM3 mobo with USB3.0

    Can you please tell me a good AM3 motherboard which has USB3.0 ports within Rs.6000.Also tell me the cost of UPS Numeric 600va
  10. pulkitpopli2004

    USB 3.0 is dis really important?

    wht do u think guys? while buying a mobo, shud we consider abt the USB3.0 port?? dere are very few Mobo dat offer dis feature... are devices present in market using USB3.0??? is dis port imp. in making a PC future proof for arnd 2 yr atleast from compatibility pt of view?? And yes i...
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