Need a High resource consuming PC


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u were in vicky's home!!! Not in Kolkata??
U live in Kolkata. Work in BBSR and visit Cuttack. Thats great..

Thanks for explaining me.
So, why shuld OP wait for Z68. Better go with P67..

Well, traveling all these locations in very short time span is possible for me because I've purchased the personal Jetpack from ebay last year @ $75K. It can travel in high subsonic speed, Mach 0.85. But the cursing speed is normally 600 to 700Km/Hr.

By the way, Cuttack and Bhubaneswar are actually Twin Cities. The distance is around 30 KM. You can also travel by bus at it normally takes 45 min.

But in jetpack, it just takes around 5 to 10 minutes hardly.


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Actually met with an accident and was so out of touch.
I am still in recovery phase

Will be buying my dream rig as soon as i m bck stable ;)

Models & Prices would have changed A to Z nw :(


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why, what happened dude..??? How did it happen.
BTW, there is good news for you. Z68 will be hitting Indian mraket very soon. So, wait till then and build your 'DREAM RIG'.


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>very nice build considering budget.

Op...considering what you are using build for(similar to mine)you will really not be gaming on a hardcore level,meaning,you really dont need a P67 chipset to overclock

>I would suggest going with Jaskanwar's first build as it would be better suited for you.
Meaning 2600+560 Twin Frozr + 4GB Corsair + H67 Chipset


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@ saswat.. Bike Accident

plus i am a little busy with personal work till 10th June.

so Z series or let any damn series..

I am buying my dream Build on 15th June !!

Just want help from u ppl to get the best

so kindly help me out buddies !! :)
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