1. Zangetsu

    Table Tennis Discussion Thread

    Recently I started playing table tennis in my office so, thought of discussing more on this. Lets discuss :-D u can post some Tips, Tricks and Tutorials here
  2. Cool Buddy

    Kindle books - formatting the table of contents

    Kindle is not very popular in India and not a lot of people own it. Still, I'm hoping a few users will stumble here to provide me with an answer. I'm making a book for my personal purpose (from a document in the public domain). Now, the book has 27 chapters divided into more than 500...
  3. The Conqueror

    Need suggestions for a good ergonomic computer table

    Hello, Well, I'm creating a new thread after a long time and I think with all the newsections I couldn't find an appropriate section to start this thread. @Mods: Please move this to an appropriate section. I live in Mumbai and would like to purchase a good ergonomic computer table for my...
  4. M

    Adjustable Table for using Laptop and Reading Books

    I want to get an Adjustable Table for using Laptop and Reading Books.I don't want to stretch my neck as i have issue with my neck. I have found something in Amazon Is this good,any recommendations will be...
  5. ZTR

    Should I be worried?

    So I recently did a SMART test of my primary HDD and this was the table: Should I be concerned and backup my data or its fine?
  6. sam9953

    How to recover data from undetected HDD?

    Okay so a week back my Seagate FreeAgent Go (500 GB) HDD fell of my table and since then my laptop has not been able to open the HDD and each time I try to open it in "My Computer" , the HDD hangs my laptop. The HDD keeps making screeching loud noises which it never did before it fell of the...
  7. B

    How to align these in Ms-Word

    Hi How to align these numbers in ms-word? I just can't get them to be aligned without creating a table Thanks
  8. Zangetsu

    How much is too much for a smartphone?

    Do u agree on this :?: Read: Round Table: How much is too much for a smartphone?
  9. F

    To Decrypt

    My friend gave me a challenge, there is a message in this Image below, it is in ASII. I don't know how to do it, I dropped by here to ask here if anyone can do it? Clue 1: It is on the top line , i.e first 368 pixels. Clue 2: It is from ASCII table. I tried and converted the 368...
  10. S

    TV stand for 32 inch lcd

    Hi Guys I used to use wall mount for my 32inch lcd tv but i recently moved and here i cannot use it where can i buy a stand so tht i can set it up on table. i tried few electronics store but no luck... any ideas. thank. i am in pune btw.
  11. S

    Symbol table using C++

    hey guys... can anyone give me a program to implement symbol table for an assembly language using c++???
  12. A

    NetBeans-Retrieve one by one

    Hi, I am currently using Java Netbeans to make a s/w. i am using mysql 5.0 database for connectivity. prob:- in my one frame i have created -A(jtextField) -B(jtextField) -C(radioButton) -OK(jbutton) i have created a table named XYZ in...
  13. sam9953

    GKI Euro - V (Table Tennis Racket) + 3 balls

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: GKI Euro - V table tennis racket or bat : GKI Euro V Table Tennis Bat - High Level Bat - Free Shipping! | eBay Also offering free cover and 3 table tennis balls for free ( 1 Stiga competition and 2 Stiga Cup) Expected Price: Rs 300/-...
  14. bukaida

    PHP Help me extract page number from text

    The document is inserted as a text file in the database. the table structure is id(number) Title(Text) Body(Long Text) The body may be a 500 page book in text format. The content in the text file is written (continuously) as -(-p- 1 )- content of page 1 -(-p- 2 )- content of...
  15. A

    How to make a table?

    How do you guys make a table? I saw many tables in Configuration section with price, components neatly separated. Could anyone guide me how to do that ?
  16. NoasArcAngel

    Best android table available on the market?

    hey guys i ditched my plan to buy a blackberry playbook ( yea sorry about that ) so i am saving up and i will be buying a table in june. I want to know which is the best android tablet money can buy. the only drawback is that it should have a external kb/ mouse which runs smoothly with many apps...
  17. mohit sharma

    Regarding Laptop table in Mumbai

    Hello guys, i am thinking about purchasing a laptop table, i had below linked product in my view, kindly suggest if it is okey, or give any other better choice? should i go through purchase on ebay or any better place to find it in mumbai? Ultra Portable Foldable Laptop Table With 2 USB...
  18. C


    Here's the link to my original thread (you can refer to it for the back story): Gaming PC at INR 40,000 (Approx) And here's my rig: Full set-up Due to budget issues, I decided to re-use my old computer table. No way in hell was I going to keep my 400R in the "box." An old sewing...
  19. A

    [Want to Buy] Computer Table mumbai

    I need a good computer table, A flat top one. similar to ones given below. need asap and mumbai sellers only for obvious reasons. Should be cosmetically good without abuses ;) Send me quick pm's along with a pic.
  20. RBX

    MS Word : Preparing Table of Contents

    I needed to prepare a Table of Contents for my project report. The table should have columns S.No., Title, followed by Page No. at extreme right. There is no way I could justify portions of same line, so I tried using columns; but the idea didn't work out well. It would either apply to the...
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