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hey S_V, sorry for the late post, but SEXAY beast of a rig man! I love that case! Looks like a tank about to tear through the room! The only thing i have from your entire rig is the H100 :p and even that's kaput and gone for RMA

anyway, congrats bro!

Thanks mate..... What happened with your H100?


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Price: 2300
Source: ebay India

Reason for Buying: I want Big Mouse for my hand or else My Point finger is paining after long usage with Current Mouses. I was waiting for Corsair Mouse to Launch in India but recently through my Cousin I saw that Mouse and it is Awesome But Disappointed with the Size. So after research and Personal opinion I think this Razer is the Best Buy for me.....

Comparing with my Roccat Kova , I must say Both are superior Mouse but it's just I want Bigger Mouse. I am going to miss the light effects from Kova but still this Razer got it's own Style and Lighting too...

My Conclusion:

1. Good Sized Mouse for Firm Grip.
2. Smooth Clicking and Solid Feel.
3. Performance is Top Notch.
4. Very light Weight Sleeved Cable and 7 Foot Long.
5. In Gaming it's senor does response very well for accurate results.
6. Programmable 5 Buttons.
7. Software is good and Easy
8. Firmware updates are being released for good performance.
9. Lights can be switched off. (using Software)


1. Click Noise is little Loud( Which is Big Disadvantage for me, I really liked Slient operation by Roccat Kova). For Normal users this Noise may not be a problem at all.
2. Little Overweight and it took two days for me to get used to it. Once you are comfortable it's good.. Maybe My Roccat Kova is the reason for me since it's perfect balance in weight and Feel.
3. It's Big MOUSE and For small hand person's this mouse will be a Night Mare.
4. NOT on the FLY dpi adjustment unlike My Roccat Kova. Software must be used to change the DPI or else it will be 1800 DPI out of the BOX. Though Honestly it's perfect for all Operations.. you must be insane to use 3500 dpi in real applications.
5. Lights must be Turned off in Long time Gaming or else you will feel the Heat








Comparing with my Current Roccat KoVa









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I bought the below config at the following prices from Arun Computers courtesy Mr.Raghu which is as follows.I have to buy IVYBRIDGE CPU and my sister have to send me an Mushkin Chronos 240GB SATA3 SSD from Canada which she already have bought from newegg for 300$.

CORSAIR GS 600 – 4000
SAPPHIRE 7850 2GB DDR5 – 15750
TOTAL – 51850

I want to meet you personally and see your rig and take some suggestions regarding maintenance of my RIG.Can you give me your Cell number man.
I will post pics of my RIG in the show off section sooner.OK.


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Amazing stuff,! I can see the love you poured into putting that thing together.

Oh and why didn't you get the Razor mamba wired or the RAT 7? both mice are so good and customizable. Once you use heavy mice like these, you won't go back to using the run of mill varieties.


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Auzentech X-Fi HomeTheater HD

Price: 249 US Dollars
Purchase Location: e store Auzentech

Hello guys....
Good Afternoon

As you guys know I own compatible Blu-Ray TV and Blu-Ray HTS and Incredibly Capable system to Run Full Blu-Ray Disc's But I don't possess a compatible Blu-Ray sound card or other source to Run Blu-Ray Lose-less Audio such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. you can click them for more Info.... Both Data rate Variable, up to 26 Mbps. DVD Standards are in kbps..

Till this May 10th, I have X-Fi Titanium Sound card and used to hear DVD standard's DTS and Dolby format even with Blu-Ray Source. Though for Normal Movie Goer it's quite and most enough for Best movie experience.

But for me it's different I give most preference for Audio than others and I am very peculiar about small details too...

Last spring, one of my Friend needed good setup and we used Asus HDMI sound card in his HTPC connected to Definitive Technology HTS. We just didn't believe the sound from Blu-Ray Source compared to DVD Standards. From then onwards my Hunt started for good HDMI sound card which can Bitstream HD audio but None Available in India as well as in USA. So finally this Feb at eStore of Auzentech I saw BackOrder of this Product and ordered it since ASUS discontinued their HDMI product line. Asus one is Cheaper in price and also it comes with full version of Arc TotalMedia Player for HDMI sound unlike stupid Auzentech who gave only Trial Version of CyberLink PowerDVD. Considering the Cost they should have given PowerDVD full version...

ok now lets go to UnBoxing and goodies in it....

Here it is... Very neatly Designed Package


Side view and you can see Two Box Sets are folded like this into one Box.


Top Box Contains only Sound Card with very good care.
And lower Box contains all the accessories to connect this Sound card to any source without any missing components.


Sound card in Static Cover..


there it is...... This is really Big sound card and if anyone trying to put in mini HTPC cabinet then you are out of luck.


Little closer look at 20K2 X-Fi 2 Processor and X-Ram.. Underneath Heatsink it's Processor and Right side one is X-RAM.. I Observed that initial Release cards don't have Heatsink and it's good to have it on mine considering the Indian Climate..


Rear Connectors ....from left to Right HDMI in and out , S/PDIF optical output, Headphone and finally the Breakout cable to connect Analog upto 7.1 Speakers.


Front Panel connectors for your Cabby.. such as AND_Ext and SPDIF IN...


Another View....


These are the Accessories bundled with Card....Check Below Image

Analog Break Out Cable -- (With this cable you can connect to 2.1,5.1 upto 7.1 Speakers such as my Creative Gigaworks S750 71.)
HDMI to HDMI cable -- (This cable is connected from HDMI output in Sound Card to compatible A/V Receivers such as HTS for uncompressed Audio from Blu-Ray Movies)
DVI to HDMI cable -- ( This cable is connected from one of your DVI port in Video card and to HDMI input in Sound Card, This is used for Sync between Video and Audio when you are using HDMI output Source)
S/Pdif cable -- This is optical cable for sound Source.
Quick start manual -- (AS you all know what is MANUAL)


Finally into System.... Red light lits ,if it detects output HDMI source.



If you know what you are doing then Setup is really piece of Cake and this is the way I connected to my HTS and its working charm...


Software and Format Recognition

Well, once you are done with connections then boot into OS and install the software came with CD and one more restart.. boom

The software is just same as it comes with every X-Fi Series. so nothing new except the new HDMI Block. I didn't have to worry about any settings and just only one Imp step to take care of it is to MARK "Play audio from Speakers through HDMI". This option must be selected to get uncompressed Audio from your speakers.


Now MoVEEE Time....:

Load Blu-Ray Disc and of-course open PowerDVD.... Bad News is Except PowerDVD no other Player can output Uncompressed Audio through this Sound card. Even ArcTotalMedia Player too failed to BitStream to A/V Receiver. Good News is PowerDVD is able to do the JOB well in Video and Audio.

Make sure to set "High-Definition Audio output to External Device" in Audio settings of PowerDVD. If not set this option properly then Downsampled Audio will output to your receiver..

Example: If Dolby TrueHD is the Main audio of your Blu-Ray then you would see in your receiver displaying only Dobly 5.1 which is limited to upto 640kbps.

If the above option set properly in Audio Settings of PowerDVD then you would see this in Player


And In your Receiver you should see this...


Same with DTS HD Master Audio.. I really like those RED Symbols in Receiver


In receiver

PowerDVD shows output as "Compressed Data" but it is not...It's a bug in PowerDVD and confirmed with PowerDVD support as well as saw in Reviews too.. Whatever your Receiver displays is the one you are getting from the Source. Hence IT"S UNCOMPRESSED AUDIO.

The others Players too can output sound but it's limited to DVD standards only.. Seriously my PowerDVD is working really well with A/V receiver and it's fine with almost every Format.

Audio Experience:

If you believe that there is a difference between DVD video and Blu-Ray Video Quality then it's True and unbelievable with Audio too...

Everything Sounded Loud and Crystal Clear and I felt many Times What exactly I have been missing all these Years with Blu-Ray. Same MoVees sound Different and sometimes I feel like is it the same HTS i have before....
Onkyo is truly remarkable HTS and considering the price my HTS is sounding Damn well. But I feel now that my HTS is still not the system to do justice for Blu-Ray. It doesn't mean it's not good it's DAMN GOOD..It's just i feel above 50K HTS 7.1 is the right speakers for my sound card now. Well I am broke pretty well now and I am fine with current speakers and won't be upgrading atleast another year or Two for 7.1 Speakers.

I am watching Blu-Ray Movies for almost one month with this card and I must say it's Purely GOLDEN moments for Movie Lover.

Transformers Series 2007-2011:

Transformers series sounded ultraSharp and when ever Prime or Megatron speaks I am speechless with Crystal clear Low Bass Vocals. Treble is now more clear than before with optical cable. Blastings and Gun Fires sound very powerful and real life sounds feeling you will get when you are watching Movies.

Black Swan 2010:

Black Swan is a dark tale and shows clearly how people sometimes too involve and suffer from psychosis with Characters they do in concerts or in their Professional life. I really Liked this Movie and loved every scene in this Movie. During Climax, Natalie Portman final Dance as Black Swan and Background score made sure I watch with Goosebumps all the time. Feathers and her Black feeling vocals sounded so clear that you believe it's happening right in-front of you..
This Movie is not for Kids..... :razz:

The Grey 2011:

One thing I would like to say that I never know that Snow Storm sounds so strong and dangerous. If you didn't watch this Movie watch it you will know What exactly i am Referring too..

The List goes on and on....If I start telling about my awesome Experience with uncompressed Audio....


Rating: 7.5/10 (Rating is little low considering the price)


1. Awesome Sound when used with Analog Speakers too and supports upto 8 Channels
2. HDMI in and out Slots.
3. BitStreams HD audio such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD MA and 192 kHz PCM
4. Easy setup
5. Comes with Vital Accessories
6. X-Ram (little helpful with Games)
7. Supports deep color 30/36-bit color depth and Resolutions up to 1080p @ 60Hz or 720p/1080i @ 120Hz


1. Expensive
2. Not Fit for Small HTPC cabinets.
3. Works with PowerDVD only to output uncomressed Audio.
4. No Full Version Copy of PowerDVD and its costs another 80$.
5. Word is worst Tech support in Internet (Let's hope I won't be having any problems)

Overall I am quite happy and speechless with uncompressed Audio MoVee Experience.....

Thank you so much for your Time n patience to read this Large Post....
Let me know your opinions Please....
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Nice Review & good Points.

I'm still amazed with your camera, coz of the photos & their clarity.

Congrats on your new & also hefty purchase.


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Thank you d3p.... Thanks so much for your Kind Words...
How is MaxPayne 3.. Is it worth to get one?

Due to lack of good time , I missed many words and typed real fast... so everyone ignore the mistakes and concentrate on the Device.....


Max Payne 3 :

IMO, its

1). Stylish & also Brutal.
2). Depravity & also Violent.
3). FAst Action Packed & also bling bling type cinematic style.

You should get it in order to play it in your 40incher along with Creative S750 7.1. Believe the sound & graphics is of top notch with a nice written story.


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Hello Guys...

Congrats to all your Latest Purchase...

One of my the Latest Purchase

HP DesKJet 5525 WI-FI

I really wanted Wi-Fi Printer becoz I am fed up with Wires and space near my Main PC...... This printer solved all my problems and the quality of the printing is very good I must say...

Place : Hyderabad CTC
Shop Name : Arun Computers
Price: 8500

Soon I will post the Video ... How I can print the documents with my Android Cell....


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man really , your style of capturing photo is simply great , As soon as i finish my college , i want to take photography as a hobby :)


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so how is the scanning capability of the Printer?

Good but not exactly great compared to scanners available in Market...

man really , your style of capturing photo is simply great , As soon as i finish my college , i want to take photography as a hobby :)

Thanks mate... The Above ones are captured with Fujifilm cheap cameras... Well below 5k....
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