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How is Ong Bak 3???
It's a disgrace to the ONG BAK series. Don't even bother watching it, as half of the movie is about Jaa recovering from his near death experience (at the start of the movie). So by the time the action begins, you're half asleep.


Rowan Atkinson is a all time legend to me, and I haven't seen anybody like him, even I find him better than CC :)
So do you have any suggestions for movies or any other series starring Rowan Atkinson?
I have watched Bean's Holiday and Johnny English so far.


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Some of the fight scenes were good....

Some of the fight scenes were good.????? Some .... :rolleyes: have you even seen the movie properly, the entire last 20-30 minutes is filled with exhilarating fight sequences ........

BTW eagerly waiting for The Source Code seems to be the best sci fi movie of 2010 so far ..... releasing on 1st May here in India ....


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BTW eagerly waiting for The Source Code seems to be the best sci fi movie of 2010 so far ..... releasing on 1st May here in India ....

I have my eye on The Source Code, the day I watched its trailer. And me too believe it would be the best Sci-Fi in a long time! Desperately waiting for 1st May! :-D

BTW, watched a movie just now.
Name: The Scientist (2010) - IMDb
Genre: Drama | Sci-Fi
Plot: A reclusive physicist creates a mysterious machine in his basement that changes his life and all those around him.

With an IMDb rating of just 3.7, I don't expect anyone would like to watch this, and neither it's the movie for the masses.
Movie talks about conscience, what happens after death, and other such vague subjects. A good watch at night. Cause if you dont like it, it would give you a sound sleep :p

Personally, I don't think it was that bad. But if you decide to give it a try, I should warn you, not to expect any dazzling special effects, scientific terminologies or even an explanation of what really happened in the story! Just don't expect anything, and go with the flow.
One more warning: Sounds in the movie are a little off-beat!


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I am realistic that's why i watch all this lol. Seen Schindler's List and The Reader much before getting into these. :smile:
Be realistic. Movies are an escape from reality. They are for the feel to be part of something that our relatively boring lives would never have us do. Or, to portray a side of a story that the commercial news media would never consider ratings-worthy. You, it seems by the way, are obsessed with the Nazi era. Seen Schindler's List or The Reader??
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havn't watched a movie in a long long time now!!! :(
waiting for may to arrive...lots of movie releases to come!!! :p

btw any recommendation for movie to watch???
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