1. S

    Favorite Color

    Which is your favorite color?
  2. T

    Hello Everybody

    Hi, I'm Jayeed a cyber security especialist. I came to know about this forum from Google search result. I'm new in this forum. I will try to my best for better contribution. Writing on cyber security problem is my favorite hobby.
  3. chimera201

    Nvidia releases cards for the ignorant market

    GeForce GT 710 Graphics Card | GeForce
  4. Zangetsu

    Post your Favorite Sports Car here

    All The Cars That Go 200 MPH Source: All The Cars That Go 200 MPH Do vote for your favorite car and share its details here.
  5. vis

    Reddit users?

    Hey reddit users post your favorite subs :mrgreen::razz:
  6. srkmish

    Bollywood Music Lovers Thread

    Hi friends, I am interested to see how many of here love hindi/bollywood music ( i sometimes hate using this word, but unfortunately :( ). Hindi music industry has produced great composers like Pancham Da, Shanker jaikisher, Rahman sir etc and great singers like Kishore/rafi/lata/usha...
  7. R2K

    What are your top 10 favorite software titles

    What are your top 10 favorite software titles ? My fav are PS CS4 office 2010 KMPlayer VLC CDBurnerXP Chrome FormatFactory Internet download Manager Avira AV Windows Media PLayer WinRAR :D
  8. srkmish

    World Movies Thread

    I am starting this thread for movie lovers who are tired of bollywood and hollywood same rehashed plots/soundtrack/actors and are finding great storytelling in Korean/Argentinian/French/Spanish etc movies. 1) The secret in their eyes(Argentina) - This has become my favorite movie of all...
  9. H

    Lamington Road

    Hi Guys, Its been a while since i posted here. Just moved to mumbai from ghaziabad 2 months back. I visited Lamington Road but did not find much. can you guys refer me to your favorite shops.. cheap and reliable ones? I am looking to buy desktop components.. dvdwriter.. wifi adapter, etc
  10. P


    Share your favorite song here...:-D
  11. Chetan1991

    TV show reviews

    Hi. This is a thread to explain in brief what your favorite TV shows are, what genre they belong to and what is great about them. It is not a place for long discussions. There is already a thread for that...
  12. harshilsharma63

    Which is your favorite IDE?

    Which is your favorite IDE?
  13. K

    Suggestion for a semi SLR or DSLR

    Suggestion for a semi SLR or DSLR under RS:20,000/- Nikon is one of my favorite... Beginning photography career... :confused:
  14. Flash

    My "Favourite MOVIE/GAME quotes"

    My "Favourite MOVIE quotes" I dont know whether there's a post already exists like this or not. But, i would like to hear from ppl posting their FAVORITE QUOTES here. Let me start this with my favorite quote from "IRON MAN", when Stark is having his 1st flight. When Stark asks for "Fixed wing...
  15. M

    Favorite movie

    Hi friends Tell me the name of your favorite movie.These are my favorite movies -Notebook -Titanic -Avatar -300 -Spider-man -Harry potter
  16. H

    Your favorite Indian food.

    Not Indian Dominos or Indian KFC chicken, but pure Indian food. My favorite: Chicken dum biriyani
  17. rezurect007

    What's your favorite OS?

    Lets see how popular each OS is?
  18. P

    Which is your favorite RSS Reader (Software) ?

    Friends, Which is your favorite RSS Reader software ? I really liked FeedDemon but recently FREE version became FeedDemon Lite which is missing so many features including offline reading/cache. Requirement Sync with Google Reader It would be great if the same reader has iPhone App...
  19. Jaskanwar Singh

    This Generation - Your Favorite Card

    as you know guys this accelerator generation is going to get just some final touches like HD6790 and GT530 hopefully. so vote for the card that you think - is your favorite of this season and deserves a mention in this series and 'i want it by any means!!' :-P happy voting. feel free to post...
  20. O

    What's your favorite Iphone app?

    Hello everyone! How's life going on? We can get every feature on our Iphone by using apps. I just wanted to know what's your favorite IPhone app? My personal fav would be Geomium, which is a location based social networking app. To learn more about the app, check out *geomium.com...
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