1. D

    Flavours of Unix.

    Hi, I recently had a discussion(heated one!) with a close friend as 'whether Linux is a flavour of unix or not' My viewpoint is that Linux is not a flavour of unix it is a separate implementation which gimmicks or (kind of imitates) the functionality which unix already had(CLI commands) and...
  2. aneesh kalra

    can vista run on mac like xp did

    Can we run windows vista on a mac mini or ant other version .please specify which flavour of vista would run if it will.
  3. santu_29

    Whats your flavour?

    Whats your flavour? :wink:
  4. coolendra

    Which is the best linux flavour according to u ????

    hey i am new to this field and jst want some answers before installing a flavour... plz suggest one ..........
  5. S

    Linux!! Which is your favorite flavour?

    I hope there has not been a similiar poll before. Anyways which is ur favorite distro??
  6. A

    About linux source code

    Hi Can anybody post me links to download the free linux(any flavour) source code please! :D
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