1. D

    want to buy a mobile ...pls suggest

    i have decided to choose between galaxy s3 or xperia sl or any similiar HTC phone many say htc has poor i reject this s3 has better attraction but feature wise SL is similiar to s3....pls tell me abt the battery life between two mobiles.... can i expect a price drop of any...
  2. shady_inc

    What's wrong with the forums.??

    I had created a thread Problem with wmv files in ubuntu. which had got some 10 replies and 80-odd views by today noon.But now I see only one reply and 17 views.Some of my posts in other threads are missing too.Anyone else facing this similiar situation.?? :confused:
  3. ajayritik

    Can someone suggest nice strategy games similiar to Age of Empires?

    Please suggest me games which are similiar to Age of Empires. I mean strategy games like Empire Earth etc. I'm Sorry if this question has been posted already!
  4. S

    Linux!! Which is your favorite flavour?

    I hope there has not been a similiar poll before. Anyways which is ur favorite distro??
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