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Hi guys! I was thinking of buying a new tv.my budget is rs 50k +5k(at max).now in this range im sure I would be getting a 40" screen.other features like internet browsing or 3d are bonus but not necessary. The first question is about the display technology. I know that plasmas offer better picture quality but are not suited for well lit rooms.I have a window In my room which I plan on covering with a drape/curtain which makes the room adequately dark.the window wouldn't be directly in front of the tv. But at a side wall at an angle.however I plan on using a standard tubelight placed above the tv (the tubelight will be the only source of light (to reduce eye fatigue)i can also change the tubelight to one having a lesser wattage/brightness).now, would the plasma get adequately bright and will it be very reflective in such a setting?. I plan on sitting at a distance of eight feet from the tv and the room is small.however the walls have got a fresh.coat of bright white paint thus making them reflective.will a plasma be suitable in such an environment? Please suggest some good plasmas in my price range, if not suggest some led tvs. The tv will be used for gaming and movies primarily and also for some general tv viewing.


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plasma do not suffer from motion issues while led tvs does.If you are going to make your room dark with curtain you should go for plasma.
look for Panasonic TH-P42UT30D Plasma 42 inches Full HD 3D will set you back by 54k.

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Look, I don't think minor lighting should effect too much on the Plasma's screen. But my suggestion is that instead of using your standard 40W tube, go for a 23W CFL bulb as the light from it won't pinch your eyes and most certainly won't affect your Plasma TV viewing.


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Thanks for the quick reply. I was very apprehensive about buying a plasma after seeing how dull it looked at those multi branded retail stores, would it perform similarly.in a home environment.I guess it should be fine with a single artificial light source, as long as there is no direct sunlight according to you guys .Also was the panny released this year or is it the 2012 model?...
good suggestion about using the 23 W CFL


I personally don't like the PQ of low and mid range plasma tvs, so instead of a plasma I would suggest you to opt for a 40" LED TV, in 50-50k price bracket you can have a look at Samsung 40EH5000 which will cost you merely around 46k and also do have a look at the recently launched Samsung 50F5100 too.


Try to get 42UT50 plasma. The only LEDs that can beat it are Sony HX850/W900A and Samsung F8000. No other LED comes close.


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u should check out this
Panasonic TH-P42UT50D Plasma 42 inches Full HD 3D TV

somedays back it was 51k... ;)
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