1. Cyberghost

    Samsung has announced it will scrap plasma TVs

    Samsung is to stop producing plasma televisions (PDP TVs) by 30 November. It said falling demand meant it would instead focus on producing curved and ultra-high-definition (UHD) TVs. Read More : Samsung has announced it will scrap plasma TVs
  2. vinaych

    46" inch TV - Buying Help! :!:

    Hi all, Unable to decide on which TV to buy. And need to buy one by end of day tomorrow! Have a budget of 75k and considering to get a 46/47/48inch TV. (Can't get a 50" because there is an enclosure for the TV in the house and a 50incher wouldn't fit!) It is for the parents. They watch mostly...
  3. H

    best tv under 50k

    hello everybody i want to buy a new tv, my budget is Rs. 50000. i have short listed samsung plasma 43h 4900 and sony kdl 32 w 700b. please give your valuable opinion thanks
  4. M

    Sony 43W850 or Panasonic 42LET60D?

    which one shall I choose? I dont really think triluminus is really that helpful and I liked Panasonic PQ. Update: I checked out Panasonic Plasma today. They looked better but I am quite concerned whether I should go with Sony LED or plasma. Also what the deal with full HD 3D? Is it true that...
  5. srkmish

    Regarding fhd videos and gaming on lg 42pn4500

    Im planning to buy this tv cuz its cheapest plasma with good reviews - LG Electronics PN4500 42PN4500 42-Inch Plasma 720p 600Hz TV (Black):Amazon:Electronics Wanted to know whether fhd videos will run well in 720p plasma tv?. Also with regards to gaming, will it have good frames per second to...
  6. Subro

    Want to buy new plasma TV, help required

    Hey guys, I want to buy a plasma TV of 42 or 40 inches. Please help. Earlier I was going for a LED TV, but I after I got to know that the picture quality of plasma TV is better than LED, I have decided for plasma. What do you think guys? If for u plasma is OK, Then plz suggest. Primarily my...
  7. A

    Which LED TV provides efficient Gaming support?

    I have read that plasma televisions are ideal for games rather than LED TV. But I do not vote for plasma technology although it has its pros but I also cannot ignore the in-demand full HD ready LED TV with smart features. Which LED is your favorite for gaming? Any advice.
  8. nvrmndryo

    suggest plasma tv around 35k.

    looking for 43"plasma tv within range 35k.
  9. M

    Latest Plasma around 80000-100000

    Thanks for help in my previous post. Looking to get another TV but a plasma this time. Any suggestions guys ?
  10. G

    LED OR Plasma

    Hi guys! I was thinking of buying a new budget is rs 50k +5k(at max).now in this range im sure I would be getting a 40" screen.other features like internet browsing or 3d are bonus but not necessary. The first question is about the display technology. I know that plasmas offer better...
  11. izzikio_rage

    LED vs LCD vs Plasma - where and what to buy

    hey everyone, have been in the market for a 40 inch + TV for about a month. Major requirements are 1. 40 inch + 2. Plays a good range of formats from pendrive (mkv and stuff) 3. Don't need smart TV, 3D or internet connectivity and stuff (I have enough laptops and phones that can be connected...
  12. M

    Need some help deciding a TV

    Hello guys, I am looking for a full high def TV for my dad's birthday. 46-50 inches would be an ideal one. What is the cheapest price we can get these for? or would it be cheaper to buy a TV from Canada and import it to india. Does anybody have any idea about the power consumption...
  13. summers

    42" Plasma TV

    Hi Everyone, I am planning to buy a 42" Plasma TV for my family, preferably a Full HD, if not then atleast it should be able to play 720p videos from USB drives. Please suggest a good model as i really don't have any idea. Also, i want to know if a plasma Tv can be connected to a PC and...
  14. G

    Plasma tv in daylight

    Is it true that Plasma's have to be operated in specific room settings? Never had this problem with my LED TV but the blacks looked grey on the Plasma TV with a little hint of afternoon sun in my room.
  15. J

    42inch Plasma TV

    Friends, Kindly suggest me 42 inch plasma TV from PANASONIC. Need good picture quality, full HD, SMART tv and not very keen on 3D (but ready to buy if others features are worth). Budget--70k (can extend if needed). Thanks.
  16. S

    Call of Duty:Black ops run with black border in my 42" plasma

    Hi, When I try to play Call of duty Black ops 3 it does not fit to my screen. It shows black borders. Please suggest how can I play with full. all others games runs fine. NFS also the same issue My monitor resolution is 1280 * 720 (42" panasonic plasma). set the game reoslution as...
  17. A

    why Plasma Sales are falling compared to LCD?

    Plasma is said to be great technology, unrivaled picture clarity, colors, blacks, viewing angles. Besides all this, its price also seems to be lower but then why its suffering with low sales? why big companies have abandoned it? the only major problem is burn in.
  18. aroraanant

    How is Samung Plasma PS43D450 TV?

    One of friend was asking me about Samung Plasma PS43D450 TV. I have some knowledge about LEDs and LCDs but don't have any idea about Plasma TVs. He is getting the above mentioned model for 35k with manufacturer warranty. But it is just HD and not Full HD :( And he is also getting SAMSUNG 40"...
  19. J

    Power consumption of plasma TV

    Hi, How significantly this is more with plasma as compared to LED TV? Whether plasma have far better viewing experience as compared to LED's? ----Does it really make difference to choose one technology over other? Thx
  20. A

    42" inch LCD, plasma or Led with respect to response time and budget

    I was intended to buy 40-42 inch LCD but when i saw actual image quality in HD format in showroom,i was disappointed while seeing cricket match and movie channel,when fast moving content was was not realtime always some sort of delay.In comparison LED was too good.Sadly i unable to see...
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