1. D

    Set up time in new industry

    How much time you should allow to yourselves to set in a new job of new field?
  2. Niilesh

    What to do as a 2 year CSE student

    I currently only know C and a bit of C++ and python. I am passionate towards computers. Some questions i have in mind: Q. What i should focus studying right now?(to get internships and decent job) Q. What should i do after B.E.? Get a job directly or Q. How to decide in which...
  3. sandynator

    Is it possible to make a fresh carrier start in Computer Hardware & Networking at the age of 30+

    Hello guys need your guidance in making a fresh career start in Computer Hardware & Networking at the age of 30 plus be it into taking up a job or doing business in this field. Firstly would like to ask is it really possible??? Let me just give you a briefing about me & sorry as it could be...
  4. N

    Review for my website.

    I have made a new blog about computers, technology, tutorials, and mobiles. Please visit the blog, and provide a feedback about the blog. I am new in this field, so any suggestions are welcome. Link:Virtual Lexicon Blog
  5. ssb1551

    What job proflies after VM Ware Course?

    Hi guys, I'm currently working as a Tech Support Engineer at a good company (sorry can't mention the name). I had intentions of moving to SAP field but all the companies want experienced candidates with experience of 3-4 years in SAP. So I'm planning to pursue a course in VM Ware. I wanna...
  6. R

    which course good for me in networking field..

    Hii frind… I am in my MCA last year.... i was thinking going into networking field i am not interested coding.. .. So plzz help me which course good for me in networking field..
  7. R

    which course good for me in networking field

    Hii frind… I am in my MCA last year.... i was thinking going into networking field i am not interested coding.. .. So plzz help me which course good for me in networking field..
  8. T

    Looking for a job in Game Testing

    Hi All, I am looking for a part-time or full time job, preferably in game testing. I am currently pursuing a course on Gaming. Not much has been covered & I am desperate for a job in this field, which is the reason why I am looking for a job in game testing. As far as work experience is...
  9. Renny

    Networking or Programming

    My cousin just finished his B.E in Electronics. He's more interested in the computer networking/security field than the software field. From a monetary, technically demanding, future growth, opportunity, work - point of view, which path would be better for him? PS - He has the impression...
  10. M

    Engineering Stream Related Queries

    i'm aspiring to be an engineer. but wait ! I have to choose a field first. I Googled for some websites which could tell me that Engineers in _____ Field do _____________ when they go to Jobs. and found very little piece of advice, so, sharing whatever goo i got from Google here. though the main...
  11. T

    What to do after 12th ? [PCM + CS student]

    I'm a PCM + Cs student and I'm just going to begin with my 12th standard. I'm really confused about what should I do after my 12th. 1 year before, I thought of cracking IIT-JEE. But after getting the taste of Science for 1 year, I'm beginning to think that JEE isn't my cup of tea. Only...
  12. S

    need help building new rig

    I have a budget of 30k i have already bought p8 z77 vle motherboard(DO NOT INCLUDE ITS PRICE IN THE BUDGET) now i am searchin for RAM , processor , GPU, PSU, cabinet. i will use it mainly for gaming eg COD , HITMAN, BATTLE FIELD , CRYSIS 2 etc. deadline is jan end. i will buy the products...
  13. V

    about masters in australia

    hey guys i completed my last month now am planning to do ms in mechanical in australia. i just want to know about job opportunites in this particular field in the very country. please help me out
  14. C

    CCNA and CCNP

    I want to pursue CCNA and CCNP certifications. Currently working in IT support(web hosting support) field since 6 years. I have 3 year Comp Science & Soft Engg Diploma and 2 years BSC-IT degree. Can I go with local(Udupi, Karnataka) training institute lie IIHT or Jetking etc? I'm planning to...
  15. giprabu

    Career guidance for "Information Technology and Computer Forensics" ..

    I've recently got M.Tech admission in the branch Information technology and computer forensics . I hardly know as what this branch is for . What would be the scope of that field after 2 years from now ? Only a very few colleges offer that course (AFAIK), so how good are the job opportunities ...
  16. Soumik

    Best PMP within 2K

    Hi All, Need some suggestion on this. My friend needs to buy a PMP within 2K. I have no idea in this field as of now. Can you guys suggest me something? Thanks :)
  17. P

    Need assistance in Freelancer jobs...

    Friends, and of course Sir's :) I am planning to get some financial aid for my further studies in the field of Electronics and Communication Engg. I am now studying E & C polytechnic diploma. To secure my future its necessary to complete Engineering in the same field. But as you know...
  18. ajaybc

    Twitter like animated text field and textarea watermarking plugin for jQuery

    I made a simple form field watermarking plugin for jQuery called "Watermarkify". It is different from any other plugin and actually allows you to create animated form field watermarks like you see in Twitter signup page. It supports text fields, password fields and Text areas. HOW TO USE...
  19. biswarup

    Netbook for Outdoor Field Use

    Hi friends, I want to buy a netbook for my long outdoor field trips. I have to go out in archaeological excavations and work in dirt, so I can not take my HP-G4 laptop. Well, my requirements are- at least 2Gb DDR3 Atom N550/N570 or AMD C-50 320Gb HDD 6 cell battery Durable and...
  20. P

    Web Development Job Advice

    Hello all, I am planning to start career in Web Development. But I want to know the scope in this field. I want to know the pay scale in this field. And the availability of the job specially in India. Suggestions are welcome :) Regards Praveer
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