1. S

    What are the commonly used network libraries in Android?

    Which networking library do you use?
  2. P

    Modem suggestion for BSNL/Airtel between the price range 2000-3500

    Hi all, I am planning to replace my old modem. After some research, I finalized the below two modems. TP-LINK TD-W8968 300Mbps Wireless N USB ADSL2+ Modem Router - TP-LINK : * After going through some of the...
  3. M

    Make Your Own Email List

    Hello :) At the point when searching for approaches to expand your web movement, make certain not to disregard the strategy that gloats one of the most astounding records of progress. With a normal 3800% rate of profitability, that technique is email advertising. Set apart from the disorder...
  4. L

    very difficult , takes too long or sometimes unable to open in my modem TD-W8968

    I have 300Mbps Wireless N USB ADSL2+ Modem Router-Model No. TD-W8968. I am unable to open . But when I ping from cmd I recieve replies . No username or password box is promoted when I try to open the IP . sometimes..very difficult , takes too long or sometimes...
  5. S

    Help me for best home cloud networking with high speed file transfer and HD media streaming.

    Please help me for best home cloud networking procedure/hardware items for connecting WD my cloud 4TB, Seagate backup plus 2TB external HDD with USB 2.0, D-link 2750U BSNL broadband modem, My desktop PC, My laptop, my tablet etc. Presently the file transfer speed from and to WD my cloud 4TB is...
  6. sandynator

    Is it possible to make a fresh carrier start in Computer Hardware & Networking at the age of 30+

    Hello guys need your guidance in making a fresh career start in Computer Hardware & Networking at the age of 30 plus be it into taking up a job or doing business in this field. Firstly would like to ask is it really possible??? Let me just give you a briefing about me & sorry as it could be...
  7. icebags

    User bandwidth limit in ddwrt routers

    found this while searching net. going to try it out, but probably those who understand networking scripts, can explain things better (and also on potential risks in generated scripts). expert comments please. How to Set Bandwidth limit to Each Users by WRT Script Generator ? –
  8. E

    networking for hacking

    Hello I am in process of being a professional security expert.And as you know in order to do it I need to have good knowledge of networking.So I want to know what should I learn in networking which can help me?Which book should i refer to?And should I join a institute?And if you are referring a...
  9. M


    HI My self mukesh iam using BSNL wimax . From BSNL indoor unit output is given to 4 port wifi router internet is running in all three PC atached to the router with LAN cable . My problem is to do networking between the three pc .Can some body help me to get out of this problem.
  10. E

    What are the typical working hours in IT(India) ?

    I recently went through this article, British Bosses Should Follow German Ministry's Idea To Stop Burnout, Say Experts | Huffington Post (A bit late though, but that is due to my own schedule running behind times) Which led me to thinking about the state of affairs here in India. I'm...
  11. A

    @@ Internet Sharing Help Needed !!!! @@

    i have attached my network configuration. PC0 has an internet connection. How can I share my internet on PC0 with PC1 and PC3
  12. madzeus

    internet data sharing (fixed)

    Hi all, I intend to buy a BSNL broadband plan with 40gb plan 2mbps speed, and share between me and my room mate.The issue is that he is a little sceptic about data shaing.He wants to somehow know the volume f data shared, except networking monitoring software what else can be done? thanks...
  13. hansraj

    How to set up networking with server machine for 20 pcs

    Networking gurus need your help!!! I have a 2 years old server machine. My PCs at workplace have increased upto 20. Its almost backbreaking for me to manage them for the operators using them. First I will share my requirements so as to come up with the best solution My Requirement and usage...
  14. Shah

    Connected to the network but Internet is inaccessible

    In my CP lab, every PC is connected to the LAN network and they show "Internet is Connected" but still we can't use the Internet for browsing. I am not good at networking and I don't know what could be the problem. What should I do to access the internet?
  15. S

    Wired connection connected, but no internet access in Ubuntu 13.04

    I have HP Compaq nx6310 Laptop and I recently installed Ubuntu 13.04 on it. I have a TP-Link WR720N Router connected to another system running on Windows 8 Pro. The problem is I can connect to the router but internet access is not available on my Ubuntu system, but works fine with Windows...
  16. ashs1

    flatparty ?? really ?? -____-

    so, recently a new social networking site was launched by Minister of State for Human Resource Development, Shashi Tharoor at an event in New Delhi last week. Flatparty: A new social networking website launched in India - Internet | ThinkDigit News & please don't confuse it with FB. Its not...
  17. R

    which course good for me in networking field..

    Hii frind… I am in my MCA last year.... i was thinking going into networking field i am not interested coding.. .. So plzz help me which course good for me in networking field..
  18. R

    which course good for me in networking field

    Hii frind… I am in my MCA last year.... i was thinking going into networking field i am not interested coding.. .. So plzz help me which course good for me in networking field..
  19. club_pranay

    Ad-Hoc WiFi Connection Issues

    Hi Guys I have a Windows 8 laptop. I have my iPad connected to my laptop as a midi controller for Traktor Pro 2 through the common wifi network (Example of what i am trying to accomplish: Dj.BatuhanZ - Apple iPad TouchOsc Traktor 2 Pro First Test - YouTube). During performances, I have to rely...
  20. H


    hello , i am harsh gupta email ,i want to host website from pc , i have done it using apache / php now i think of hosting multiple websites from same ip address like those of hosting companies do they host even upto 7-10 websites on one ip add i also want to do...
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