install linux with sata hd

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is it possible to install fedora on pc with sata hd.
if yes pls tell me the procedure.. i tried with one of my fried pc and his hd corrupted and we need to re partition it..


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How do you know that the partition was corrupted? Which version of fedora core was it? FC 4 and 5 work on SATA drives.


well this tutorial is frm other site which if digit finds to b its competitor than mods are welcome to delete my post

here is thelink

also all credit to josh the author of the article and u can buzz him if u still have doubts


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It didnt get corrupted, just accidentally created a new primary partition I guess, That can be cleared via the XP boot disc. Use a tested media to install FC5, errors will return drastic results!


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have a distro like ubuntu dapper or FC5 with latest kernel with libata supporting sata drives for ur make of hdd.


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i tried with fedora core 4
it seems i hav to download fedora core 5.. i was waiting for digit to supply it
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