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  1. B

    Recover data and stuff from a corrupted OS

    Hi Guys, My friends pc with xp has got corrupted. It is not even booting up properly. He has few important files on the desktop, how to retrieve them if we boot using HBCD or Ubuntu? I mean IDK how to open desktop once we boot via them. Also he needs the history of his sites visited in...
  2. nac

    Need to recover corrupted files - Help

    Long story short - Files I have created, modified on my last use (of PC) have gone corrupted. I have back up, but they are 2 months old. I spend a lot of time to rebuild some of the things I lost and some are not that important so I didn't bother get them back. I thought it's over, but now I see...
  3. ramakanta

    Android Tablet formating.

    Suppose Android Tablet OS currupt , then how to install OS In Android Tablet , like PC has uses CD or DVD to format when currupted . please help me. thank you. Please anyone Help me . actually my friend's Penta tablet corrupted ,please .
  4. omega44-xt

    Corrupted microSD

    My friend has a corrupted 8GB microSD which he was using in his Nokia C6-01. Is there any way to recover its files? Note: The microSD card is not readable even in computers
  5. quan chi

    kindly help to find the Driver for this

    guys i have this ENTER - USB TO LAN but i am unable to find its driver.the cd which came with it reads blank or you can say corrupted. can anyone please help.
  6. KRISHI101

    Downloaded zip files always corrupted.. PLZ HELP

    Whenever i download any kind of Big size ZIP file ( >20MB ), it results at extraction as corrupt file.. I have 7zip, winrar, winzip, and Universal Extractor but all fails to extract.. 7zip is the best extractor, because it can extract even corrupted file.. But unusable in .exe file...
  7. heartripple

    Quartine log files seems to be corrupted...?

    Quarantine log files seems to be corrupted...? Hey guys.... There is one pc at my brother's office and for last one month its been infected with Auto.it virus....tried many things but not enough...they are using Quick Heal Total Security Genuine copy..... today he faced a problem...
  8. Scientia Wiz

    How to scan and repair windows 7 corrupted files !

    Here is how you can repair corrupted windows 7 files: ■Click Start button and then type cmd in the Start Search box. In the search results list, right-click Command Prompt / cmd, and then click Run as Administrator. Run command prompt as administrator ■Type following command and press...
  9. Aditya11

    [HELP] Windows Partition Corrupted

    Last night, I was playing Fallout: New Vegas on Win 7 32-bit with the latest nVidia drivers. There are numerous reports of the game’s bugginess, but I encountered only two CTDs...until…it crashed one more time and somehow managed to corrupt taskmanager.exe and then whole windows partition! PC...
  10. kanhadey

    flv recovery from corrupted partition.

    My laptop hard disk got corrupted. So i formated it and created two partitions. To recover my files back after formatting , i used Pandora Recovery. It recovered my mp3 files, but cant help for flv files. Please tell me are there any software freeware or shareware that can be used to...
  11. C

    pendrive corrupted help

    hi, plz help me. my pendrive got corrupted. i wanna restore back it to as it is. i tried all sorts of formatting. but it shows windows can not complete format. tried hdd low level format too. plz mail me cjnoatia@gmail.com :-(:-(:-(
  12. S

    Hp recovery manager!!!!!

  13. IronCruz

    Counter Strike Protocol Problem...

    When try to connect lesser latency servers on online an error comes that it is using protocol 48 and you have client 47..it says to update but how can i update? I tried many patch but after patching the game gets corrupted....
  14. R

    Memory Card Got corrupted

    I have a sony digital camera dsc t700 and i have 16 gb memory card with it i had taken 3000 + Pics and When I tried to take a Video the memory card got corrupted and it is not reading in the camera or in the Computer. So please help me retrieve the photos.
  15. G

    How to access files and folders on Hard Disk

    Hello, to all of you, Some days ago, the partition on my hard drive got corrupted, after that I used TESTDISK to search the partition it found the partition and revive that partition but now, whenever I click on any folder or on any file for opening I get message that "the file or folder is...
  16. J

    pen drive problem

    yesterday , I bought a pen drive of 32GB (Kingston) i getting problem in that when i m copying something on pen drive, file are getting corrupted pls help me regarding this problem
  17. Ganeshkumar

    Help: Opera - Language change

    Hi all :) I upgraded my opera 9.25 to Opera 9.6 - Tamil version... And the fons all are corrupted. Now i want to make default language as English. I tried reinstalling using English version, w/o uninstalling and even used 9.25 setup to reinstall, but the Language doesnt change. Help me in...
  18. pushkar

    Best Data Recovery Software

    I don't have any corrupted hard disks right now, but just in case it happens anyday, I want to know which data recovery software is the best. Also, give me some tips to avoid overwrite to the HDD after it has been corrupted so that most files can be recovered.
  19. O

    How to fix corrupted files in XP

    Source (1) Introduction (2) Required (3) Actual Tutorial (4) Copyright Notice // Introduction // This tutorial has been made so people that are having problems with corrupted files, can learn how to fix them easy. // Required // Windows XP operating system Windows XP cd // Right to the...
  20. crazydevil

    drive corrupted

    recently my pc became very slow and after every restart it asks for checking all my drives(all are NTFS only)... after some time checking the drives,the system is running continuously at the same command " inserting an index entry into index $0 of file 25"...it seems like it struck at same...
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