1. C

    Spark from cabinet's rear-end and now PC won't turn on!

    I assembled my PC barely 10 days ago now I'm with dead PC that refuses to turn on! I doesn't even started gaming on this thing, all I did was web browsing and casual stuff ever since I bought it. It was running super cool at middle 30s temperatures. Today, while I was watching a movie , I...
  2. kARTechnology

    Volatge Stabilizer vs Surge Protector vs UPS. What to buy?

    I have a sony BX300 30" LCD TV and Pioneer VSX-916 AV Receiver and a custom made Powered Subwoofer(just a duplicate design of Pioneer Sub), Airtel HD, will soon get HTPC Now what should I buy? a Volatge Stabilizer or Surge Protector or UPS I have some slight up's and down's in voltages...
  3. M

    [Want to Buy] Socket 754 Motherboard

    Looking to buy a Socket 754 motherboard for my AMD Athlon 3000+ Processor Setup. Motherboard got fried due to short circuit, hence looking out for a replacement.
  4. Renny

    Worms found in fried chicken at KFC!

    Kerala: Worms found in fried chicken at KFC outlet in Thiruvananthapuram - IBN South News - IBNLive Thiruvananthapuram: Fast food chain Kentucky's Fried Chicken (KFC) has come under scrutiny in Kerala after a family...
  5. C

    PSU+Case for Ancient system

    PSU+Case Required.Budget 6.5k Hi.I need some advice on an upgrade i'm planning. My current psu got fried(cheapo,450W) which i got with my pc.I didn't know anything about computers(about 3 years back) so paid the price. Anyways I'm planning to update my config gradually to a i5 based setup...
  6. M

    Fried Hard Disk?

    Hey guys, I just bought a new PC yesterday. And a couple of hours ago, I was just hooking up my Transcend Storejet 320GB external HDD to the front USB port and it didn't work. Then I switched cables and tried the back port and now it says the device is not recognized. Do I have a fried HDD...
  7. M

    Hdd problem

    Specs are intel 915glvg board+p4 2.66ghz processor 256 mb ram and 250 gb maxtor hdd sata 2 NOW HISTORY system had 512 mb ram(2 sticks) and one got fried up! And the windows was intalled when there was 512 mb of ram in system! And i pluged out the fried chip out and system was running with...
  8. joe333

    PCI Graphics Card....

    PCI VGA 8 Mb ATI Rage XL Video Display Card If you r not into gaming...../ or ur onboard graphics got inexpensive solution......PCI graphics...with 8MB Used only for a week Price: 450/- Reason for selling- bought this card coz my old AGP got fried and needed a display...
  9. orc

    Post what you fried

    Hi Guys, I am sure many of us have killed various PC components by overclocking, dropping, kicking, spilling, sitting on it, or by any other innovative ways. Let's have this thread dedicated for this. For the start, I have fried: A Sapphire 1950Pro - By trying to mess with it's heatsinks Two...
  10. S

    Monitor menu pops up randomly

    Hi, My uncle has a HCL monitor (I think 17", and it is probably about 4 years old)... The computer has a panel of four buttons in the bottom (Exit, Minus, Plus, Menu)... Once the computer is turned on, the monitor menu pops up suddenly, and the contrast/brightness goes up and down in...
  11. blackpearl

    Chicken or Real Chicken?

    A restaurant serves 2 kinds of fried rice: Chicken and Real Chicken. :))
  12. the.kaushik

    install linux with sata hd

    is it possible to install fedora on pc with sata hd. if yes pls tell me the procedure.. i tried with one of my fried pc and his hd corrupted and we need to re partition it..
  13. B

    Prescott Issue

    I have a 2.8 E prescott processor. It was fried last month I took it to the dealer and they gave me another one. Now that is also having problem. I think that has fried too. Anyone facing this problem with prescott??
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