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Hello Guys.

I had a Sound Magic ES18 earphone which I lost a couple of days ago. So, I need a new earphone.

Budget is around 2K.

So, any suggestions which ones should I be looking at?



Don't really have any brand preference. I am open to all as long as they have at least one odd year warranty.

Even if the build quality ain't great, I am ok with it. For me, sound quality matter is a priority over build quality.

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T peos Tank Or Popular

Where do I buy it from?


Cyborg Agent

How would you rate Signature Acoustics C-12 compared with the Tpeos?

I've signature acoustic C12 but after going thru the reviews I can say T peos will be above it for my listening preference.

From T peos range if I'll have to opt then D200R Or Rich models would be my preference.

No Doubt Signature Acoustic C12 are good but for me mids feel bit blanketed by the bass presence & highs rolled off. Bass is also not that snappy. Recently bought brainwavz R1 Dual Dynamic Earphones & I feel the bass is more in C12 in terms of quantity. The mids placement of R1 is far behind. It was just for 30-40 mins so need to spend more time for detailed comparison. R1 have driver flex & are lot more tip dependent. The bi flanges make it more darker sounding.

My only reason for getting R1 was the Brainwavz case ;). Its decent sounding for Rs.1550/- which I spent & can surly compete with Soundmagic E10 IMO
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LendMeUrEars actually undervalue the products heavily on the customs declaration tag; in my case a 100+ SGD product to 10 SGD. The uber-cheap paper packaging also helps in customs evasion. They also do not provide any hard copies of the payment receipt within the package. Shipping takes a bit of time but stuff gets delivered nevertheless.
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