1. AudioGeek

    [For Sale] Headphones, Earphones, Amps - All Brand New

    For Sale are Audiophile Headphones, Earphones, Amplifiers which are Brand New in box, never used. Best prices you could ever get in India, Guaranteed. No other can even come close to my prices. Model number, details & Expected Price: IEM's: Ultimate Ears UE900S - 25,000 Noble Audio Savannah...
  2. X

    IEM around 2.5k

    Hey guys I'm looking for a new IEM since my XB30 died. It should have decent treble and bass not too much of either and it would be nice if it had a mic. I am considering the following options: XB55 RHA MA390 Smokin Bud 2 (only because of the mic) If there are any other models I should know...
  3. L

    In-ear earphone for iphone

    I need inear earphone with remote(volume control) for my iphone max budget 1.8k I'm confused with the below 3 1. Xiaomi piston hybrid Amazon.com: Xiaomi Mi Hybrid Earphone In-Ear Headphones Multi-unit Circle Iron Mixed Piston Earphones Silver Color: Home Audio & Theate) 2. Brainwavz...
  4. H

    IEM\Headphones Budget 5-6K for Sound Clairity

    Hi, I am looking for a extremely good build earphones/headphones with good sound clarity. I had the Audio Technica clr100 which i used to adore for its clarity but it stopped working after 4-5 months :-(. Quite a amazing earphones for its price. Audio Technica refused to repair the piece since...
  5. Mizanurification

    [App] Viper4android [Easy Guide]

    Most people do know about Viper4Android and some even use it while most dont bother coz of the complex nature. This guide is for them. Earlier i used ES18, Pistons 2 and was using a Rs.90 Ubon earphone after my P2 went kaput. I'm no way an audiophile and don't like spending too much on...
  6. Tenida

    Microsoft Lumia 640 earphone problem

    Getting a weird problem on my Microsoft Lumia 640 from yesterday. Problem: When headphone/earphone was plugged in, the sound was not audible. Tried different earphone but no success. But when I call on my number with earphone plugged in, the sound is audible but only on right one. It might...
  7. H

    Want to Buy an IEM(Earphone) under 1000 compatible with my Note 2

    Hello Friends, Please suggest me an earphone for my Note 2 under Rs 1000. Thank you
  8. V

    Earphone under 1k JBL T150A or Sennheiser CX180

    Hi, Looking for some good piece of earphone under 1k. I used Soundmagic ES18 previously and it worn out in 6 months. I also used Philips SHE3590 and some PNY buds. But I liked the Philips one better than anything else. Now I am in search of a new one. Possibly a new brand. After searching a...
  9. D

    Fake Warranty for Sony earphones

    I had purchased sony extra bass earphones 2 years ago which are now out of warranty. Now my earphone pin is damaged internally which means i have to adjust it for sound in both the sides. As i have purchased online can i manipulate the bill and send the earphone to their service center to...
  10. B

    Earphones work only if earphone wire button is pressed in.

    The problem is with the earphones, I think. The laptop audio plays fine on its own speakers, but as soon as I plug in the new earphones that came with my Xolo Q800 phone, there's a problem: The audio can be heard in the earphones, but it is a bit muted, and it is mainly music, not voice. So...
  11. 1

    In Ear Earphone for Xiaomi Mi 3

    Hi all I am on the lookout for a decent quality earphone for Xiaomi mi 3 Budget strictly below 400 INR ( no money left after buying phone :blackeye: ) . regards, 123hero
  12. Sankalp Tripathi

    Suggestions needed for buying a good earphone

    budget :- within 1500 rs / Usage :- for laptop as well as Mobile My choice of music is wide. (not trying to be corny :-) ).from Pyassa of Gurudutt sahab to Ghulam ali ,ghazals (i short except 90's ) all are in my playlist.I hear 2 pac to eminem or whiz khalifa.linkin,Pink floyd,Nirvana...
  13. H2O

    IEMs Around 2K

    Hello Guys. I had a Sound Magic ES18 earphone which I lost a couple of days ago. So, I need a new earphone. Budget is around 2K. So, any suggestions which ones should I be looking at? Thanks.
  14. mikael_schiffer

    WTB> IEMs in Rs1000- Rs1600 range

    WTB> IEMs in Rs1000- Rs1600 range What i want-- 1) A decent build quality, since i cant expect "good" with my pathetic state of 3rd world existence. My 2 month old Skullcandy Rhasta's left side volume has almost died and Soundmagic ES18 left side broke off in less than a month's time. They...
  15. B

    want to buy IEM for $25 from amazon.com

    hi.. i want an in earphone for $25. i have a friend who is coming from US next month. please give me suggestions for earphone. I have used Soundmagic Pl10 and Brainwavz M4 previously. he said he will buy it from amazon.com. i want to use these earphone listening music from my phone, sometimes...
  16. S

    In-Ear for Mobile/Ipod

    Hi, Please suggest me in-ear earphones so that I can use it with my Xperia M and my Ipod touch. Would also require in-line controls with mic so I can take calls on my phone as well as change songs on both phone/Ipod. Need it for running/gym so that it fits into the ear during running. If there...
  17. adityak469

    Earphone For Normal Use Around 1.2k

    my friend is going to buy earphones as his stock ones died after a year. Suggest him a good one around 1.2k. He thought of 1.Skullcandy Ink'd 2.0 2.Soundmagic PL 21
  18. M

    Should i buy Sound Magic ES-18 Again?

    I had a Sound Magic es-18,well it was stolen :(,yep STOLEN The earphone was pretty good,nice bass.It is available for around 700INR Today.But i had bought it for 630INR Earlier. Im using this earphone for HTC Desire SV.The only issue is that i hear a small humming which is common in HTC...
  19. Y

    guys need your advice on Skullcandy TITAN S2TTDY-016 Chrome

    Guys i am getting 20 days old Skullcandy TITAN S2TTDY-016 Chrome/Black w/Mic 1 Headphone - Buy Online @ Rs.2500/- | Snapdeal at 1.5k(snapdeal price 2.5k) from one of my friend. I heard music with that and its good. So,guys tell me should i get this or is thr any other better earphone within...
  20. R

    Which one to Choose from? Tekfusion Ecoofers vs twinwoofers series.

    Hi guys, I'm planning to buy an Tekfusion earphone for me, and I'm very confused over these 2 series. I want to know which one offers the best bass? What is the difference between these 2 series? Price is not the constraint for me, but I want the best earphone with GOOD BASS. Any help would...
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