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how to run programs in Ubuntu that are already installed in Windows?

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Guys i have installed Ubuntu, i already have Windows XP in other partition. Now i want to run those programs that are installed in Windows XP in Ubunu. Is it possible? So i may save time, instead of reinstalling in Ubuntu under wine.


You will have to copy all the files assosciated with the programs(files in program files, common files ) you want to run in linux from windows in wine's directory and also the registry entries for these. Not an easy task, and some apps may not work. So better avoid doing this.


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well you can try
wine /path/to/windows/partition/executible
Runs fine most of the times.


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What I had in mind (But have not tried) is to rm -r ~/.wine/drive_c and link the same to /media/Your_C_Drive

However, as T159 pointed out, there's the registry issues or Wine's link files check, if exists, that one has to consider.


I would prefer to run Application Natively rather emulation.

Better avoid running windows apps under wine , instead use windows itself;)


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You can use VMWARE for linux.

boot in linux and start vmware, inside vmwae start windows and you can use all of your windows programs and games.
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