1. S

    GRE Admission Counseling Programs

    Are there good training institutes which offer GRE Admission Counseling Programs?
  2. R

    How to record programs from TV to Laptop

    Hi Please suggest me a way to record TV shows onto laptop Thanks
  3. D

    Queries regarding updating to windows 10

    Im a newbie to tech. My laptop is running windows 8.1. I have following doubts regarding updating to windows 10. 1) Is the update free for lifetime ? I've heard that windows 10 update is free for first one year only. Later it will be charged. Also I've heard that we have to update until one...
  4. S

    Windows 10 Update Queries

    So today's the day windows 10 have launched, I have a update in control panel waiting to upgrade my windows 8.1 Pro (Pirated) to Windows 10, I just want to ask will updating my OS to the new one retain my Programs?? I Have a lot of programs & games installed like GTA V, CS:GO, Asseto corsa etc...
  5. B

    NSA-linked “Equation Group” used various means to spread spying programs: Kaspersky

    The US National Security Agency has figured out how to hide spying software deep within hard drives made by Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba and other top manufacturers, giving the agency the means to eavesdrop on the majority of the world’s computers, according to cyber researchers and former...
  6. L

    Is buying a SSD a good option

    A friend of mine has PC with following config Intel dual core processor 2.5ghz 2GB of RAM intel 945 chipset motherboard 40 GB HDD PC is mainly used for browsing. I think the hard disk is very slow all the programs takes a little while to start. My question is will a SSD speed up loading...
  7. TechnoBOY

    Places that viruses and Trojans hide on start up

    1. START-UP FOLDER. Windows opens every item in the Start Menu's Start Up folder. This folder is prominent in the Programs folder of the Start Menu. Notice that I did not say that Windows "runs" every program that is represented in the Start Up folder. I said it "opens every item." There's an...
  8. Tejo

    System Volume Information folder occupied 100 gb

    I have been noticing recently, my C drive gets occupied fully even if there are no bigger programs installed. Out of 150gb, after uninstalling few programs, the space left was 30gb. Day by day it started decreasing and i saw 20gb today. I used the disk cleanup tool and it shows only 100mb after...
  9. S

    uncapping programs

    how bandwidth uncapping programs work to increase bandwidth of cable broadband. is there any risk involved in it?
  10. A

    Mosaic and Archie Programs

    What is the Mosaic and Archie? And why we used these programs?
  11. Chetan1991

    In what language and tools are demos and cr@cker tools made?

    The intro demos and programs (such as trainers) that come with cr@cked games are very small in size. They also seem to be built in assembly and independent of external libraries like MVC or Cygwin. Does anybody knows what tools are available to create such demos and programs?
  12. gameranand

    Need some C++ Programs

    Guys first of all I apologize for this stupid request but I am really desperate. I need C++ programs for the following 1. SJF ( Non-Preemptive) CPU Scheduling 2. SJF ( Preemptive) CPU Scheduling 3. Round Robin CPU Scheduling 4. FCFS Disk Scheduling 5. SSTF Disk Scheduling 6. Banker's Algorithm...
  13. R

    ms office after installing says empty!

    yes, the title says it all. I downloaded ms office 2010 *cough* full activated version from a reliable software sharing software of my college.But after installing, when i go to ms office from start>all programs , it says the folder is empty..i tried downloading 3-4 different versions of ms...
  14. ajayritik

    External HDD throws message This device is currently in use. Close any programs or windows that mig

    I have a Western Digital 2 TB External HDD. After I copy content into the HDD and try to eject it I always get this message: "This device is currently in use. Close any programs or windows that might be using the device, and then try again." I ensure that the device is not in use but still I...
  15. G

    Malicious programs spotted on Google Play store, warns Dr Web

    Source: Tech2
  16. Ronnie11

    New PC for 25-30K Max..Pls help

    Hey guys, so a friend of mine wants to get a new computer by this week or so...His budget is about 25000 but is ok if it goes about to 30000 max...He wants the computer for occasional gaming & watchung HD movies and the other office programs No overclocking usage nothing... Some of the...
  17. D

    Windows XP SP3 - not able to remove or install some programs

    Seemingly this old rig had a spyware programs installed. All is clean now - but not able to install new programs.. and install some of them from add/remove programs - These programs include adobe reader 10 and autocad 2004 and some more programs. I created new administrator user just to...
  18. Sarath

    Sub 5k SSD suggestion needed. Is 60GB SSD enough?

    Presently I have 1TB HDD in my PC running Win 7. I will be doing a clean install of Win 8 in a weeks time. I was thinking if I should buy an SSD to speed up my system. I use very few programs. In fact I play only one game on my system called Dota 2. Apart from that it is only light browsing...
  19. ud0103

    How can I prevent a user from accessing the C drive?

    Hi, I'm using Windows Vista Home Basic and I've created a temporary account for my cousins. But I don't want them to be able to manually open C Drive (Windows Drive) and fiddle with all that stuff but still allowing that user account and all the programs running in there to have complete access...
  20. M

    WINDOWS 8 RP Removal Issue..

    I was using widows 7 SP1 since a year.A week before I installed WIN 8RP from Digit DVD. After installation, I found that I am unable to access the programs that i was using in win7. how to access win 7 programs in win8 ?. And after all if I wish to uninstall win8 RP and return to win7 SP1...
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