how to convert chm to pdf???

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anyone know any cheap software/ free software to convert chm file into pdf file???
because chm file takes a lot of time to load its files. i have a text book in chm file. its around 200mb size. so from one page to another it takes a long time, even hangs sometimes....
so please suggest me a simple and perfect software which converts chm to pdf files...


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Converting it to PDF would not help in drastic file size reduction or the sort, and might lead to an inflation as well.

On Linux, there exists a simple tool called chm2pdf. You give it the file name and it spews out a possibly-perfect PDF out.


why there is no such software in windows???
is it not useful to many people??? what will the people do if they wanna convert chm file to pdf???
if chm file is smaller in size, pls tell me how to convert pdf to chm format pls....
waiting for ur reply..... thanks in advance quertymaniac.....


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You can also download CHM To PDF Converter from *
Is a shareware.

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hey pagal dude u have not provided any link how can it help him ?
@mayneu : U can get lots of softwares to convert it into pdf if u use Google


i made out that if i convert any document to html file format, i can convert html into pdb format using isilox which is a freeware....
and the size of the file is damn small. ofcourse it depends on how small/ large picture inside the document u want...
but anyway i like the pdb format very much... it has fast user interface compared to chm and pdf.... and the size of the file is really small....
any good softwares to convert chm to html ???
pls guys dont say google it, u will get the answer... ofcourse we do search for it in the net(i.e google) before we ask here any questions which unfortunately we dont get the right answer in the searching....
if those who say google it, pls if u know about it and have made a search u answer.... or else everyone knows that default answer here....

anyway, which format is better??? pdb or djvu???
i am in the process of converting html to djvu.... pls tell me...


when I get into this web ,I see that many people are searching the good

way of
converting chm to pdf files,
because If you want to print it or read it as normal pages, PDF shall be the most popular format.

I got a very convenient
CHM to PDF Converter occasionally online.

so I want to share it with everybody who wants it.

It is a useful software which called

ABC Amber CHM Converter

With it ,you can convert chm to pdf step by step and it is

very easy to use.

Wish it help for you.
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