1. C

    Suggest tablet for pdf reading

    Hello folks, I want to buy a tablet to be used as an e-reader(pdf ,chm ,doc...etc) My budget is 15,000 Rs. Please suggest a tablet.
  2. A

    CHM reader that allows highlighting - CrossPlatform

    Hi. I'm looking for a CHM file viewer for Windows that allows me to highlight the text in the file and allows me to save the highlighting (the way Foxit allows it for PDF files). The highlighting should be saved so that it is visible when opening the document on subsequent occasions. I...
  3. D

    chm files

    chm file open in Win 7 or XP mode but a message "Navigation to webpage cancelled" is shown in the contents box. The same file runs smoothly in win xp sp 2. Why is it so? How can I get around the problem?
  4. F

    are e-books and chm files available for free download legal ?

    I just needed some e-books on networking, so i googled it. I found pdfs and many chm files available for free download and also some HUGE torrents... I want to know that are these books legal ..? ?
  5. Sathish

    How to convert PDF to CHM

    chm files are read quicker than pdf in mobile devices. so i have bunch of pdf books. i search google but no specific procedures founds. anybody know making chm files from pdf format. bumped............
  6. A

    CHM to PDF converter

    Can somebody suggest a good CHM to PDF converter? Thank u...
  7. gxsaurav

    Need help in creating a CHM Viewer

    Today I download an E-Book in CHM format & something struck my mind. Although I am using a cyber cafe computer to read this CHM but I found that other then UltraCHM which is paid there is no good looking CHM Viewer for Windows, whether XP or Vista. The default one in Windows XP & Vista is same...
  8. techcruser

    Download Complete W3Schools Tutorials For Offline Viewing

    Download Complete W3Schools tutorials compiled in chm from.. here.. :smile: *
  9. mayneu

    how to convert chm to pdf???

    anyone know any cheap software/ free software to convert chm file into pdf file??? because chm file takes a lot of time to load its files. i have a text book in chm file. its around 200mb size. so from one page to another it takes a long time, even hangs sometimes.... so please suggest me a...
  10. mayneu

    how to create pdb files from chm file???

    hi, i need to know how i can create pdb file from chm files. as there is a disadvantage in chm file that i have to manually select each and every next page.... and also there is no text linking facility available... but the pdb format allows both the features and in file size it is very less...
  11. K

    .doc to .chm

    Guys, i want a free converter that could convert the Word documet to chm.... Please suggest software :rolleyes:
  12. cool_callis

    how to view .chm extension in linux

    how can i read ebooks of chm format in linux .which software is needed for it?
  13. M

    How to edit CHM ebook...?

    Hi I have some important study ebooks in CHM format,is it possible to edit them like word or pdf ...means ..thing which i would like to do with chm book is.... deletion of some part marking with colours and later on saving in edited form.. pls provide me link if any appz is thr. i m...
  14. kantiman

    How to convert .chm format ebooks to other formats.

    I have some Ebooks in chm format. I don't like this format cause I can't increase the font size and its hard to read them. How to convert these chm format books into other formats such as pdf or doc.
  15. go4saket

    How To Edit A CHM File???

    Hi Guys! I have a tutorial in a CHM file format. I want to add some notes and highlight some stuff in the tutorial. Is it possible to edit a CHM file and if yes, how? Chao.
  16. paragkalra

    Opening chm files in LINUX

    Can I body please tell how to open chm files in linux. Actually i have a ebook in chm format on PYTHON.....and wanted to read that book.........and it was bit urgent........anyways........thanx in advance......
  17. redhat

    How do I create a CHM help file for my application?

    Someone please tell me how to create CHM help files. I am very good at HTML and can code the stuff. But i dont know how to compile the various pages into one .chm file. Please help.
  18. K

    .zno to .pdf converter

    Does anyone knows how to convert magazines from to any other format like chm or pdf. Doods help me.
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