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How much time are you spending on GAMES per week



Lost in speed
@hellscream666 : You should control yourself (+gaming), dude - atleast your comparison of killing desires in real-world!


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Not getting time lately due to exams. Playing like 1 hr a day.

during exam , 1 hr a day is not bad for refreshment

steam shows over 100 hours last 2 weeks ...

no, am not in the gaming department
no, am not a student
no, am not depressed

just a choice I made .... with the kind of idiots around me , I think i might actually end up killing someone if I don't kill anyone virtually.

dude give me your autograph

Ps - i am not kidding :p


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I don't spend my time on games.

Nerd =- boringly studious ;-) gaming is good even if one spends very little time for it everyday ( say 1 Hr at-least ), anyway, it's your personal call so no arguing on this but if you're not a GAMER what's the point in posting in this thread ??
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