1. tamatarpakoda

    [Contest] Challenge #8 = What's your all-time favourite game?

    IMPORTANT: Attach the screenshot and mention your Gamer ID for the entry to be considered valid. Start responding below. Of course, don’t forget to mention your Gamer ID with each post (or your responses won’t be considered valid). How to get your Gamer ID? Click and register...
  2. Apollo

    [Contest] Challenge #4 - What game(s) are you playing?

    Gamers are an interesting breed. Some like to immerse themselves in just one gaming experience at a time, finish it completely and move on to something new. Others like to juggle through several different games through the day — on their phone, PC or console. In this challenge, we just need to...
  3. Apollo

    [Contest] SKOAR! & DewArena’s Gaming Challenge, Win Rs 1 lakh worth gaming gear [Digit Exclusive]

    UPDATE: Challenge 6 is now LIVE... read on below for more information and the link. *EXCLUSIVE CONTEST FOR DIGIT FORUM / COMMUNITY MEMBERS ONLY* Attention all gamers! For the next few days, we have an exciting gaming challenge coming up for all of you to participate in. It involves loads of...
  4. P

    Participate, review and keep the Synology Network Attached Storage device

    Your friends call you a technology wizard! You are popular among your peers for gadget advice. You are labelled as the "troubleshooter" for all tech issues amongst your community. Tinkering with new gadgets and digging deep into technology gives you the same high as an Indo-Pak cricket match...
  5. P

    Fancy winning Titanium Maximum Security 2012 (Cloud edition). Participate now

    Follow three simple steps to win a Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2012 (Cloud edition), worth Rs. 1,599/-. Click Here to participate
  6. P

    Participate in devworx Astute Contest and Win Sony Xperia U smartphone

    Digit devworx brings you a chance to prove your expertise in developerWorks Platform. Take devworx Astute Contest by completing 3 simple steps and win exciting prizes like Sony Xperia U smartphone , Micromax Funbook tablet, Apple iPod Shuffle, Philips SHS3800 Headphone, Max Payne PC Game, Digit...
  7. S

    Participate in Windows App Challenge Contest and Win One Assured Windows Phone

    devworx by Digit, in association with Microsoft is pleased to announce the Windows App Challenge contest. Windows Phones have gathered popular consumer as well as developer interest in recent times. If you're an app developer, then you'd be pleased to know of exciting rewards that could be...
  8. S

    [Digit Contest] Participate in devWorks Junkie Contest to win HTC Sensation

    Take the devWorks Junkie Contest by completing three simple steps and win exciting prizes like HTC Sensation, Amkette Wireless Mouse and Cowon earphones and more. Participate here!
  9. S

    [Digit Contest] Participate in devWorks Champs Contest to win Apple iPad2

    Digit brings you a chance to prove your expertise in IT Infrastructure Management Platform. Take the devWorks Champs Contest by completing three simple steps and win a brand new Apple iPad 2. Other exciting prizes are Scribble pads, Amkette Wireless Mouse, Cowon Earphones and more...
  10. A

    Want to win an Apple iPad 2?

    participate an win apple iPad2 just visit the url: devWorks Champs Contest and participate in a simple contest to win an iPad 2
  11. F

    E-Gaming competition notifications?

    Can any one tell me what are the major gaming competitions in India & Abroad. What should i do if i want to participate in these? Is there any competition for FIFA 2010 or 11??? :P
  12. N

    how do u feel when u r down in game?

    Participate in poll guys :)
  13. N

    Poll for CS fans :D

    participate in this poll guys :D
  14. S

    Participate in Chrome Challenge Contest and win assured prizes

    Take the Chrome Challenge by completing four simple steps and win galaxy tabs. Also, get a chance to feature in the September issue of Digit Magazine. If thats not enough, every participant who submits a valid app would be given a six-months subscription to Digit worth Rs.1000. Can you...
  15. hjpotter92

    Query regarding TOSC(The Open Source Challange)

    As we all are by this time aware of TOSC Well, I participated, and sadly... neither is Kharagpur in the city list, nor is even Kolkata.. :( What is this about then? How can the people from these city participate? I had to chose Jodhpur as my city, even when I am currently in...
  16. Krow

    A call to all movie buffs

    A couple of you might be wondering why I have decreased posting so severely and that too so suddenly. The answer to that is pretty simple and it concerns all the movie buffs like myself. We, at Bhavan's College, Andheri (West), Mumbai, have taken an initiative to launch our first Film Festival...
  17. Z

    Do you use email on your phone?

    "Do you use email on your phone?". While a lot of people feel that it's an absolute necessity to have email anytime, anywhere. Some feel that it's too complicated to set up their emails on mobile or access multiple accounts. We would like your opinions. So, don't just give us a 'yes' or 'no'...
  18. H

    Team Digit Unofficial Gaming Clan!!Lets reload some money

    I have something crushing my heart...i wasn't able to participate in WCG 2008 because of the fuc|<ing bomb blasts..The dates were announced too late for me to book tickets..They also postponed the dates on a regular basis. Hope i make it up for next year. If you have a fast enough PC to run...
  19. Cyrus_the_virus

    How old are you?

    I thought it was a good idea to know the different age groups that use this forum and which one is more, so as the title suggests, participate in the poll. When you take the poll, if you are for example 23.5, then it's considered as 23 and not 24. PS: I think this should be a sticky so...
  20. lethalweaponforever

    World Cyber Games Championship

    Hi, I recently saw in a website a description bout a World Cyber Games(WCG) championship 08..........i've always wanted to enter a gaming championship...........i've never been to one though , this is my first time so i just want to know if this WCG is a real contest or is it just a...
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