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Holographic storage disc

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i dont exist

things like quantum computing and holographic storage are more like fuel cells
there are lot of possibilities but since everything is commercialized in this world
they wont let these technologies to get out unless someone gets profit from it


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have been hearing bout it since 2003~4. It was once featured in mag...like current and future storage technologies.
but it was also said some prototype of holographic model was there at those days.

nyway, M-Ram too is another gr8 thing to happen with several 100s times b/w than current fastest memory.

Gud to hear we ll be seeing this holo discs soon in shelves.


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TFS :p

BTW, I doubt what will be their price in here when they will really reach here.

Take the case of Blue Ray disc. They are still very costly in here & very hard to find.

I think we need to have a different kind of recorder to record/write data on this types of discs & even they will not come at a cheap price like blue ray disc recorders.
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Its great news ,
The problem about shortage of memory space , travelling data from one place to another may be terminate by this disc....
With that density, imagine how much data will be lost with one tiny scratch.
Nice thought :D
Anyway, I'm guessing this will be affordable in about 9-10 years.
Considering (AFAIK) Blu-ray was released in 2004, and is still scantily available and costly in India, I doubt whether we can reap benefits from it when the world does :|
At the pace such tech comes to India, maybe a 1 TB disk would be made by the time this becomes usable for us :???:


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Heard about them long ago. But I'm perfectly happy with DVDs at the moment.
How much memory will one ever need? Okay, I may be sounding like Bill Gates and 640kB RAM, but still. There will be a limit to our demands.

A 40 GB HDD is okay for me, even today. Yes, if I want to, I can even fill a 500 GB one in no time, but do I need all that? No, at least not now.
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